Grass Type

Grass - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 152 Pokemon and 58 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0001BulbasaurGrassPoisonMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0002IvysaurGrassPoisonMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0003VenusaurGrassPoisonMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0003Mega VenusaurGrassPoison
0003Gigantamax VenusaurGrassPoison
0043OddishGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0044GloomGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0045VileplumeGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0046ParasBugGrassBug egg groupGrass egg group
0047ParasectBugGrassBug egg groupGrass egg group
0069BellsproutGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0070WeepinbellGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0071VictreebelGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0100Hisuian VoltorbElectricGrassMineral egg group
0101Hisuian ElectrodeElectricGrassMineral egg group
0102ExeggcuteGrassPsychicGrass egg group
0103ExeggutorGrassPsychicGrass egg group
0103Alolan ExeggutorGrassDragonGrass egg group
0114TangelaGrassGrass egg group
0152ChikoritaGrassMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0153BayleefGrassMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0154MeganiumGrassMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0182BellossomGrassGrass egg group
0187HoppipGrassFlyingFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0188SkiploomGrassFlyingFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0189JumpluffGrassFlyingFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0191SunkernGrassGrass egg group
0192SunfloraGrassGrass egg group
0251CelebiPsychicGrassUndiscovered egg group
0252TreeckoGrassMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0253GrovyleGrassMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0254SceptileGrassMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0254Mega SceptileGrassDragon
0270LotadWaterGrassWater 1 egg groupGrass egg group
0271LombreWaterGrassWater 1 egg groupGrass egg group
0272LudicoloWaterGrassWater 1 egg groupGrass egg group
0273SeedotGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0274NuzleafGrassDarkField egg groupGrass egg group
0275ShiftryGrassDarkField egg groupGrass egg group
0285ShroomishGrassFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0286BreloomGrassFightingFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0315RoseliaGrassPoisonFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0331CacneaGrassGrass egg groupHumanlike egg group
0332CacturneGrassDarkGrass egg groupHumanlike egg group
0345LileepRockGrassWater 3 egg group
0346CradilyRockGrassWater 3 egg group
0357TropiusGrassFlyingMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0387TurtwigGrassMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0388GrotleGrassMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0389TorterraGrassGroundMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0406BudewGrassPoisonUndiscovered egg group
0407RoseradeGrassPoisonFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0413WormadamBugGrassBug egg group
0420CherubiGrassFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0421CherrimGrassFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0421Sunshine CherrimGrassFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0455CarnivineGrassGrass egg group
0459SnoverGrassIceMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0460AbomasnowGrassIceMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0460Mega AbomasnowGrassIce
0465TangrowthGrassGrass egg group
0470LeafeonGrassField egg group
0479Mow RotomElectricGrassAmorphous egg group
0492ShayminGrassUndiscovered egg group
0492Sky ShayminGrassFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0495SnivyGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0496ServineGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0497SerperiorGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0511PansageGrassField egg group
0512SimisageGrassField egg group
0540SewaddleBugGrassBug egg group
0541SwadloonBugGrassBug egg group
0542LeavannyBugGrassBug egg group
0546CottoneeGrassFairyGrass egg groupFairy egg group
0547WhimsicottGrassFairyGrass egg groupFairy egg group
0548PetililGrassGrass egg group
0549LilligantGrassGrass egg group
0549Hisuian LilligantGrassFightingGrass egg group
0556MaractusGrassGrass egg group
0585DeerlingNormalGrassField egg group
0585Summer DeerlingNormalGrassField egg group
0585Autumn DeerlingNormalGrassField egg group
0585Winter DeerlingNormalGrassField egg group
0586SawsbuckNormalGrassField egg group
0586Summer SawsbuckNormalGrassField egg group
0586Autumn SawsbuckNormalGrassField egg group
0586Winter SawsbuckNormalGrassField egg group
0590FoongusGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0591AmoongussGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0597FerroseedGrassSteelGrass egg groupMineral egg group
0598FerrothornGrassSteelGrass egg groupMineral egg group
0640VirizionGrassFightingUndiscovered egg group
0650ChespinGrassField egg group
0651QuilladinGrassField egg group
0652ChesnaughtGrassFightingField egg group
0672SkiddoGrassField egg group
0673GogoatGrassField egg group
0708PhantumpGhostGrassGrass egg groupAmorphous egg group
0709TrevenantGhostGrassGrass egg groupAmorphous egg group
0710PumpkabooGhostGrassAmorphous egg group
0711GourgeistGhostGrassAmorphous egg group
0722RowletGrassFlyingFlying egg group
0723DartrixGrassFlyingFlying egg group
0724DecidueyeGrassGhostFlying egg group
0724Hisuian DecidueyeGrassFightingFlying egg group
0753FomantisGrassGrass egg group
0754LurantisGrassGrass egg group
0755MorelullGrassFairyGrass egg group
0756ShiinoticGrassFairyGrass egg group
0761BounsweetGrassGrass egg group
0762SteeneeGrassGrass egg group
0763TsareenaGrassGrass egg group
0781DhelmiseGhostGrassMineral egg group
0787Tapu BuluGrassFairyUndiscovered egg group
0798KartanaGrassSteelUndiscovered egg group
0810GrookeyGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0811ThwackeyGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0812RillaboomGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0812Gigantamax RillaboomGrass
0829GossifleurGrassGrass egg group
0830EldegossGrassGrass egg group
0840ApplinGrassDragonGrass egg groupDragon egg group
0841FlappleGrassDragonGrass egg groupDragon egg group
0841Gigantamax FlappleGrassDragon
0842AppletunGrassDragonGrass egg groupDragon egg group
0842Gigantamax AppletunGrassDragon
0893ZarudeDarkGrassUndiscovered egg group
0898CalyrexPsychicGrassUndiscovered egg group
0906SprigatitoGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0907FloragatoGrassField egg groupGrass egg group
0908MeowscaradaGrassDarkField egg groupGrass egg group
0928SmolivGrassNormalGrass egg group
0929DollivGrassNormalGrass egg group
0930ArbolivaGrassNormalGrass egg group
0946BramblinGrassGhostGrass egg group
0947BrambleghastGrassGhostGrass egg group
0948ToedscoolGroundGrassGrass egg group
0949ToedscruelGroundGrassGrass egg group
0951CapsakidGrassGrass egg group
0952ScovillainGrassFireGrass egg group
0986Brute BonnetGrassDarkUndiscovered egg group
1001Wo-ChienDarkGrassUndiscovered egg group
1010Iron LeavesGrassPsychicUndiscovered egg group
1011DipplinGrassDragonGrass egg groupDragon egg group
1012Counterfeit PoltchageistGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1012PoltchageistGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1013Unremarkable SinistchaGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1013SinistchaGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1017OgerponGrassUndiscovered egg group
1017Wellspring Mask OgerponGrassWaterUndiscovered egg group
1017Hearthflame Mask OgerponGrassFireUndiscovered egg group
1017Cornerstone Mask OgerponGrassRockUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Absorb Grass SPECIAL 20 100 25
Apple Acid Grass SPECIAL 80 100 10
Aromatherapy Grass STATUS 5
Branch Poke Grass PHYSICAL 40 100 40
Bullet Seed Grass PHYSICAL 25 100 30
Chloroblast Grass SPECIAL 120 95 5
Cotton Guard Grass STATUS 10
Cotton Spore Grass STATUS 100 40
Drum Beating Grass PHYSICAL 80 100 10
Energy Ball Grass SPECIAL 90 100 10
Flower Trick Grass PHYSICAL 70 10
Forests Curse Grass STATUS 100 20
Frenzy Plant Grass SPECIAL 150 90 5
Giga Drain Grass SPECIAL 75 100 10
Grass Knot Grass SPECIAL 100 20
Grass Pledge Grass SPECIAL 80 100 10
Grass Whistle Grass STATUS 55 15
Grassy Glide Grass PHYSICAL 70 100 20
Grassy Terrain Grass STATUS 10
Grav Apple Grass PHYSICAL 80 100 10
Horn Leech Grass PHYSICAL 75 100 10
Ingrain Grass STATUS 20
Jungle Healing Grass STATUS 10
Leaf Blade Grass PHYSICAL 90 100 15
Leaf Storm Grass SPECIAL 130 90 5
Leaf Tornado Grass SPECIAL 65 90 10
Leafage Grass PHYSICAL 40 100 40
Leech Seed Grass STATUS 90 10
Magical Leaf Grass SPECIAL 60 20
Mega Drain Grass SPECIAL 40 100 15
Needle Arm Grass PHYSICAL 60 100 15
Petal Blizzard Grass PHYSICAL 90 100 15
Petal Dance Grass SPECIAL 120 100 10
Power Whip Grass PHYSICAL 120 85 10
Razor Leaf Grass PHYSICAL 55 95 25
Seed Bomb Grass PHYSICAL 80 100 15
Seed Flare Grass SPECIAL 120 85 5
Sleep Powder Grass STATUS 75 15
Snap Trap Grass PHYSICAL 35 100 15
Solar Beam Grass SPECIAL 120 100 10
Solar Blade Grass PHYSICAL 125 100 10
Spicy Extract Grass STATUS 15
Spiky Shield Grass STATUS 10
Spore Grass STATUS 100 15
Strength Sap Grass STATUS -1 100 10
Stun Spore Grass STATUS 75 30
Synthesis Grass STATUS 5
Trailblaze Grass PHYSICAL 50 100 20
Trop Kick Grass PHYSICAL 70 100 15
Vine Whip Grass PHYSICAL 45 100 25
Wood Hammer move Grass PHYSICAL 120 100 15
Worry Seed Grass STATUS 100 10
G-Max Drum Solo Grass 10
G-Max Sweetness Grass 10
G-Max Tartness Grass 10
G-Max Vine Lash Grass 10
Max Overgrowth Grass 10
Bloom Doom Grass -1 1