Rock Type

Rock - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 88 Pokemon and 25 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0058Hisuian GrowlitheFireRockField egg group
0059Hisuian ArcanineFireRockField egg group
0074GeodudeRockGroundMineral egg group
0074Alolan GeodudeRockElectricMineral egg group
0075GravelerRockGroundMineral egg group
0075Alolan GravelerRockElectricMineral egg group
0076GolemRockGroundMineral egg group
0076Alolan GolemRockElectricMineral egg group
0095OnixRockGroundMineral egg group
0111RhyhornGroundRockMonster egg groupField egg group
0112RhydonGroundRockMonster egg groupField egg group
0138OmanyteRockWaterWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0139OmastarRockWaterWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0140KabutoRockWaterWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0141KabutopsRockWaterWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0142AerodactylRockFlyingFlying egg group
0142Mega AerodactylRockFlying
0185SudowoodoRockMineral egg group
0213ShuckleBugRockBug egg group
0219MagcargoFireRockAmorphous egg group
0222CorsolaWaterRockWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0246LarvitarRockGroundMonster egg group
0247PupitarRockGroundMonster egg group
0248TyranitarRockDarkMonster egg group
0248Mega TyranitarRockDark
0299NosepassRockMineral egg group
0304AronSteelRockMonster egg group
0305LaironSteelRockMonster egg group
0306AggronSteelRockMonster egg group
0337LunatoneRockPsychicMineral egg group
0338SolrockRockPsychicMineral egg group
0345LileepRockGrassWater 3 egg group
0346CradilyRockGrassWater 3 egg group
0347AnorithRockBugWater 3 egg group
0348ArmaldoRockBugWater 3 egg group
0369RelicanthWaterRockWater 1 egg groupWater 2 egg group
0377RegirockRockUndiscovered egg group
0408CranidosRockMonster egg group
0409RampardosRockMonster egg group
0410ShieldonRockSteelMonster egg group
0411BastiodonRockSteelMonster egg group
0438BonslyRockUndiscovered egg group
0464RhyperiorGroundRockMonster egg groupField egg group
0476ProbopassRockSteelMineral egg group
0524RoggenrolaRockMineral egg group
0525BoldoreRockMineral egg group
0526GigalithRockMineral egg group
0557DwebbleBugRockBug egg groupMineral egg group
0558CrustleBugRockBug egg groupMineral egg group
0564TirtougaWaterRockWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0565CarracostaWaterRockWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0566ArchenRockFlyingFlying egg groupWater 3 egg group
0567ArcheopsRockFlyingFlying egg groupWater 3 egg group
0639TerrakionRockFightingUndiscovered egg group
0688BinacleRockWaterWater 3 egg group
0689BarbaracleRockWaterWater 3 egg group
0696TyruntRockDragonMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0697TyrantrumRockDragonMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0698AmauraRockIceMonster egg group
0699AurorusRockIceMonster egg group
0703CarbinkRockFairyFairy egg groupMineral egg group
0713Hisuian AvaluggIceRockMineral egg groupMonster egg group
0719DiancieRockFairyUndiscovered egg group
0719Mega DiancieRockFairy
0744RockruffRockField egg group
0745LycanrocRockField egg group
0745Midnight LycanrocRockField egg group
0745Dusk LycanrocRockField egg group
0774MiniorRockFlyingMineral egg group
0774Core MiniorRockFlyingMineral egg group
0793NihilegoRockPoisonUndiscovered egg group
0805StakatakaRockSteelUndiscovered egg group
0834DrednawWaterRockMonster egg groupWater 1 egg group
0834Gigantamax DrednawWaterRock
0837RolycolyRockMineral egg group
0838CarkolRockFireMineral egg group
0839CoalossalRockFireMineral egg group
0839Gigantamax CoalossalRockFire
0874StonjournerRockMineral egg group
0900KleavorBugRockBug egg group
0932NacliRockMineral egg group
0933NaclstackRockMineral egg group
0934GarganaclRockMineral egg group
0950KlawfRockWater 3 egg group
0969GlimmetRockPoisonMineral egg group
0970GlimmoraRockPoisonMineral egg group
0995Iron ThornsRockElectricUndiscovered egg group
1017Cornerstone Mask OgerponGrassRockUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Accelerock Rock PHYSICAL 40 100 20
Ancient Power Rock SPECIAL 60 100 5
Diamond Storm Rock PHYSICAL 100 95 5
Head Smash Rock PHYSICAL 150 80 5
Meteor Beam Rock SPECIAL 120 90 10
Power Gem Rock SPECIAL 80 100 20
Rock Blast Rock PHYSICAL 25 90 10
Rock Polish Rock STATUS 20
Rock Slide Rock PHYSICAL 75 90 10
Rock Throw Rock PHYSICAL 50 90 15
Rock Tomb Rock PHYSICAL 60 95 15
Rock Wrecker Rock PHYSICAL 150 90 5
Rollout Rock PHYSICAL 30 90 20
Salt Cure Rock PHYSICAL 40 100 15
Sandstorm Rock STATUS 10
Smack Down Rock PHYSICAL 50 100 15
Stealth Rock Rock STATUS -2 20
Stone Axe Rock PHYSICAL 65 90 15
Stone Edge Rock PHYSICAL 100 80 5
Tar Shot Rock STATUS 100 15
Wide Guard Rock STATUS 10
G-Max Volcalith Rock 10
Max Rockfall Rock 10
Continental Crush Rock -1 1
Splintered Stormshards Rock PHYSICAL 190 1