Pixelmon Items ID list

All 1710 items and blocks from Pixelmon 1.12.2 on one page. Examles with /give command:

/give @p pixelmon:mechanical_anvil (give to nearest player (you) Mechanical Anvil)
/give @p pixelmon:mint 1 3 (give to nearest player (you) 1 Bashful Mint)
/give Notch pixelmon:leaf_stone_ore 3 (give 3 Leaf Stone Ore to player with name Notch)

Item Name ID
Thunder Stone Ore pixelmon:thunder_stone_ore
Leaf Stone Ore pixelmon:leaf_stone_ore
Water Stone Ore pixelmon:water_stone_ore
Fire Stone Ore pixelmon:fire_stone_ore
Dawn/Dusk Ore pixelmon:dawn_dusk_ore
PC pixelmon:pc
Ranch Block pixelmon:ranch
Mechanical Anvil pixelmon:mechanical_anvil
Cooking Pot pixelmon:cooking_pot
Infuser pixelmon:infuser
Anvil pixelmon:anvil
Fossil Machine pixelmon:fossil_machine
Bauxite Ore pixelmon:bauxite_ore
Aluminum Block pixelmon:aluminium_block
Fossil pixelmon:fossil
Trade Machine pixelmon:trade_machine
Fossil Cleaner pixelmon:fossil_cleaner
Frozen Shrine pixelmon:articuno_shrine
Static Shrine pixelmon:zapdos_shrine
Fiery Shrine pixelmon:moltres_shrine
Ilex Shrine pixelmon:ilex_shrine
Timespace Altar pixelmon:timespace_altar
Temple Pillar pixelmon:temple_pillar
Broken Pillar pixelmon:temple pillar 1 1
Ice Rock pixelmon:ice_rock
Moss Rock pixelmon:moss_rock
Ruins Wall pixelmon:ruins_wall
Dusty Ruins Wall pixelmon:dusty_ruins_wall
Temple Block pixelmon:temple_block
Temple Brick pixelmon:temple_brick
Temple Stairs pixelmon:temple_stairs
Temple Brick Stairs pixelmon:temple_brick_stairs
Temple Slab pixelmon:temple_slab
Temple Brick Slab pixelmon:temple_brick_slab
Elevator pixelmon:elevator
Warp Plate pixelmon:warp_plate
Movement Plate pixelmon:movement_plate
Stick Plate pixelmon:stick_plate
Timed Fall pixelmon:timed_fall
Poke Chest pixelmon:poke_chest
Ultra Chest pixelmon:ultra_chest
Master Chest pixelmon:master_chest
Beast Chest pixelmon:beast_chest
Sun Stone Ore pixelmon:sun_stone_ore
Cloning Machine pixelmon:cloning_machine
Pixelmon Spawner pixelmon:pixelmon_spawner
Hidden Cube pixelmon:hidden_cube
Hidden Pressure Plate pixelmon:hidden_pressure_plate
Unown Block ‘A’ pixelmon:unown_block
Unown Block ‘B’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 1
Unown Block ‘C’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 2
Unown Block ‘D’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 3
Unown Block ‘E’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 4
Unown Block ‘F’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 5
Unown Block ‘G’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 6
Unown Block ‘H’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 7
Unown Block ‘I’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 8
Unown Block ‘J’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 9
Unown Block ‘K’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 10
Unown Block ‘L’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 11
Unown Block ‘M’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 12
Unown Block ‘N’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 13
Unown Block ‘O’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 14
Unown Block ‘P’ pixelmon:unown_block 1 15
Unown Block ‘Q’ pixelmon:unown_block2
Unown Block ‘R’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 1
Unown Block ‘S’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 2
Unown Block ‘T’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 3
Unown Block ‘U’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 4
Unown Block ‘V’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 5
Unown Block ‘W’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 6
Unown Block ‘X’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 7
Unown Block ‘Y’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 8
Unown Block ‘Z’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 9
Unown Block ‘!’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 10
Unown Block ‘?’ pixelmon:unown_block2 1 11
Blank Unown Block pixelmon:unown_block2 1 12
Braille Block A pixelmon:braille_block
Braille Block B pixelmon:braille_block 1 1
Braille Block C pixelmon:braille_block 1 2
Braille Block D pixelmon:braille_block 1 3
Braille Block E pixelmon:braille_block 1 4
Braille Block F pixelmon:braille_block 1 5
Braille Block G pixelmon:braille_block 1 6
Braille Block H pixelmon:braille_block 1 7
Braille Block I pixelmon:braille_block 1 8
Braille Block J pixelmon:braille_block 1 9
Braille Block K pixelmon:braille_block 1 10
Braille Block L pixelmon:braille_block 1 11
Braille Block M pixelmon:braille_block 1 12
Braille Block N pixelmon:braille_block 1 13
Braille Block O pixelmon:braille_block 1 14
Braille Block P pixelmon:braille_block 1 15
Braille Block Q pixelmon:braille_block2
Braille Block R pixelmon:braille_block2 1 1
Braille Block S pixelmon:braille_block2 1 2
Braille Block T pixelmon:braille_block2 1 3
Braille Block U pixelmon:braille_block2 1 4
Braille Block V pixelmon:braille_block2 1 5
Braille Block W pixelmon:braille_block2 1 6
Braille Block X pixelmon:braille_block2 1 7
Braille Block Y pixelmon:braille_block2 1 8
Braille Block Z pixelmon:braille_block2 1 9
Braille Block . pixelmon:braille_block2 1 10
Braille Block , pixelmon:braille_block2 1 11
Braille Block _ pixelmon:braille_block2 1 12
PokeGrass pixelmon:poke_grass
PokeDirt pixelmon:poke_dirt
PokeSand pixelmon:poke_sand
PokeSand Corner 1 pixelmon:poke_sand_corner1
PokeSand Corner 2 pixelmon:poke_sand_corner2
PokeSand Corner 3 pixelmon:poke_sand_corner3
PokeSand Corner 4 pixelmon:poke_sand_corner4
PokeSand Side 1 pixelmon:poke_sand_side1
PokeSand Side 2 pixelmon:poke_sand_side2
PokeSand Side 3 pixelmon:poke_sand_side3
PokeSand Side 4 pixelmon:poke_sand_side4
Ruby Block pixelmon:ruby_block
Ruby Ore pixelmon:ruby_ore
Sapphire Block pixelmon:sapphire_block
Sapphire Ore pixelmon:sapphire_ore
Amethyst Block pixelmon:amethyst_block
Amethyst Ore pixelmon:amethyst_ore
Crystal Block pixelmon:crystal_block
Crystal Ore pixelmon:crystal_ore
Silicon Ore pixelmon:silicon_ore
Silicon Block pixelmon:silicon_block
Shingles pixelmon:shingles
Shingles Corner 1 pixelmon:shingles_corner1
Shingles Corner 2 pixelmon:shingles_corner2
Outside Wall pixelmon:outside_wall
Inside Wall pixelmon:inside_wall
Inside Wall Molding pixelmon:inside_wall_molding
Tree Top pixelmon:tree_top
Tree Bottom pixelmon:tree_bottom
Wooden Flooring pixelmon:wooden_flooring
Poke Mart Sign pixelmon:pokemart_sign
PokeCenter Sign pixelmon:pokecenter_sign
Window 1 pixelmon:window1
Window 2 pixelmon:window2
Sandy Grass pixelmon:sandy_grass
Rock pixelmon:rock
Cave Rock pixelmon:cave_rock
Bridge Block pixelmon:bridge_block
Boulder pixelmon:bolder
Box pixelmon:box
Clothed Table pixelmon:clothed_table
Trash Can pixelmon:trash_can
Gym Sign pixelmon:gym_sign
Old TV pixelmon:tv
Small TV pixelmon:tv2
Big TV pixelmon:tv3
Red Poke Ball Rug pixelmon:red_rug
Green Poke Ball Rug pixelmon:green_rug
Blue Poke Ball Rug pixelmon:blue_rug
Yellow Poke Ball Rug pixelmon:yellow_rug
Pink Pokeball Rug pixelmon:pink_rug
Purple Pokeball Rug pixelmon:purple_rug
White Pokeball Rug pixelmon:white_rug
Gray Pokeball Rug pixelmon:gray_rug
Black Pokeball Rug pixelmon:black_rug
Orange Pokeball Rug pixelmon:orange_rug
Brown Pokeball Rug pixelmon:brown_rug
Cyan Pokeball Rug pixelmon:cyan_rug
Red Umbrella pixelmon:red_umbrella
Green Umbrella pixelmon:green_umbrella
Blue Umbrella pixelmon:blue_umbrella
Yellow Umbrella pixelmon:yellow_umbrella
Orange Umbrella pixelmon:orange_umbrella
Brown Umbrella pixelmon:brown_umbrella
Pink Umbrella pixelmon:pink_umbrella
Purple Umbrella pixelmon:purple_umbrella
White Umbrella pixelmon:white_umbrella
Gray Umbrella pixelmon:gray_umbrella
Black Umbrella pixelmon:black_umbrella
Cyan Umbrella pixelmon:cyan_umbrella
Blue Clock pixelmon:blue_clock
Pink Clock pixelmon:pink_clock
White Clock pixelmon:white_clock
Gray Clock pixelmon:gray_clock
Black Clock pixelmon:black_clock
Purple Clock pixelmon:purple_clock
Yellow Clock pixelmon:yellow_clock
Red Clock pixelmon:red_clock
Brown Clock pixelmon:brown_clock
Green Clock pixelmon:green_clock
Cyan Clock pixelmon:cyan_clock
Orange Clock pixelmon:orange_clock
Red Cushion Chair pixelmon:red_cushion_chair
Yellow Cushion Chair pixelmon:yellow_cushion_chair
Green Cushion Chair pixelmon:green_cushion_chair
Pink Cushion Chair pixelmon:pink_cushion_chair
Blue Cushion Chair pixelmon:blue_cushion_chair
Black Cushion Chair pixelmon:black_cushion_chair
Gray Cushion Chair pixelmon:gray_cushion_chair
Cyan Cushion Chair pixelmon:cyan_cushion_chair
White Cushion Chair pixelmon:white_cushion_chair
Brown Cushion Chair pixelmon:brown_cushion_chair
Orange Cushion Chair pixelmon:orange_cushion_chair
Purple Cushion Chair pixelmon:purple_cushion_chair
Red Chair pixelmon:red_chair
Yellow Chair pixelmon:yellow_chair
Orange Chair pixelmon:orange_chair
Pink Chair pixelmon:pink_chair
Purple Chair pixelmon:purple_chair
Cyan Chair pixelmon:cyan_chair
Blue Chair pixelmon:blue_chair
White Chair pixelmon:white_chair
Gray Chair pixelmon:gray_chair
Black Chair pixelmon:black_chair
Green Chair pixelmon:green_chair
Brown Chair pixelmon:brown_chair
Red Armchair pixelmon:red_armchair
Yellow Armchair pixelmon:yellow_armchair
Orange Armchair pixelmon:orange_armchair
Pink Armchair pixelmon:pink_armchair
Purple Armchair pixelmon:purple_armchair
Cyan Armchair pixelmon:cyan_armchair
Blue Armchair pixelmon:blue_armchair
White Armchair pixelmon:white_armchair
Gray Armchair pixelmon:gray_armchair
Black Armchair pixelmon:black_armchair
Green Armchair pixelmon:green_armchair
Brown Armchair pixelmon:brown_armchair
Light Gray Armchair pixelmon:silver_armchair
Lime Armchair pixelmon:lime_armchair
Magenta Armchair pixelmon:magenta_armchair
Light Blue Armchair pixelmon:lightblue_armchair
Red Couch pixelmon:red_couch
Yellow Couch pixelmon:yellow_couch
Orange Couch pixelmon:orange_couch
Pink Couch pixelmon:pink_couch
Purple Couch pixelmon:purple_couch
Cyan Couch pixelmon:cyan_couch
Blue Couch pixelmon:blue_couch
White Couch pixelmon:white_couch
Gray Couch pixelmon:gray_couch
Black Couch pixelmon:black_couch
Green Couch pixelmon:green_couch
Brown Couch pixelmon:brown_couch
Light Gray Couch pixelmon:silver_couch
Lime Couch pixelmon:lime_couch
Magenta Couch pixelmon:magenta_couch
Light Blue Couch pixelmon:lightblue_couch
Cash Register pixelmon:cash_register
Fossil Display pixelmon:fossil_display
End Table pixelmon:end_table
Oak Bench pixelmon:bench
Birch Bench pixelmon:birch_bench
Acacia Bench pixelmon:acacia_bench
Jungle Bench pixelmon:jungle_bench
Spruce Bench pixelmon:spruce_bench
Dark Oak Bench pixelmon:dark_oak_bench
Light Workplace pixelmon:lightworkplace
Dark Workplace pixelmon:darkworkplace
Blue Vending Machine pixelmon:blue_vending_machine
Green Vending Machine pixelmon:green_vending_machine
Orange Vending Machine pixelmon:orange_vending_machine
Pink Vending Machine pixelmon:pink_vending_machine
Red Vending Machine pixelmon:red_vending_machine
Yellow Vending Machine pixelmon:yellow_vending_machine
Brown Vending Machine pixelmon:brown_vending_machine
White Vending Machine pixelmon:white_vending_machine
Gray Vending Machine pixelmon:gray_vending_machine
Black Vending Machine pixelmon:black_vending_machine
Cyan Vending Machine pixelmon:cyan_vending_machine
Purple Vending Machine pixelmon:purple_vending_machine
Fridge pixelmon:fridge
Picket Fence pixelmon:picket_fence
Green Folding Chair pixelmon:green_folding_chair
Red Folding Chair pixelmon:red_folding_chair
Blue Folding Chair pixelmon:blue_folding_chair
Yellow Folding Chair pixelmon:yellow_folding_chair
Orange Folding Chair pixelmon:orange_folding_chair
Brown Folding Chair pixelmon:brown_folding_chair
White Folding Chair pixelmon:white_folding_chair
Gray Folding Chair pixelmon:gray_folding_chair
Black Folding Chair pixelmon:black_folding_chair
Pink Folding Chair pixelmon:pink_folding_chair
Purple Folding Chair pixelmon:purple_folding_chair
Cyan Folding Chair pixelmon:cyan_folding_chair
Blue Water Float pixelmon:blue_water_float
Green Water Float pixelmon:green_water_float
Orange Water Float pixelmon:orange_water_float
Pink Water Float pixelmon:pink_water_float
Purple Water Float pixelmon:purple_water_float
Red Water Float pixelmon:red_water_float
Yellow Water Float pixelmon:yellow_water_float
Brown Water Float pixelmon:brown_water_float
White Water Float pixelmon:white_water_float
Gray Water Float pixelmon:gray_water_float
Black Water Float pixelmon:black_water_float
Cyan Water Float pixelmon:cyan_water_float
Pixelmon Grass pixelmon:pixelmon_grass
Spawner Cave Rock pixelmon:spawner_cave_rock
Poke Gift pixelmon:poke_gift
Arc Chalice pixelmon:plateholder
Mower pixelmon:mower
Fan pixelmon:fan
Washing Machine pixelmon:washing_machine
Tidal Bell pixelmon:tidal_bell
Clear Bell pixelmon:clear_bell
Ultra Deep Sea Crystal pixelmon:deep_sea
Reassembly Unit pixelmon:reassembly_unit
Zygarde Cell pixelmon:zygarde_cell
Zygarde Core pixelmon:zygarde_core
Street Light pixelmon:street_light
Mug pixelmon:mug_base
PokeBall Mug pixelmon:mug_ball
Pika Mug pixelmon:mug_pika
Galarica Cuff pixelmon:galarica_cuff
Relic Band pixelmon:relic_band
Relic Crown pixelmon:relic_crown
Relic Statue pixelmon:relic_statue
Relic Vase pixelmon:relic_vase
Item Finder pixelmon:item_finder
Rare Candy pixelmon:rare_candy
XS Exp. Candy pixelmon:xs_exp_candy
S Exp. Candy pixelmon:s_exp_candy
M Exp. Candy pixelmon:m_exp_candy
L Exp. Candy pixelmon:l_exp_candy
XL Exp. Candy pixelmon:xl_exp_candy
Potion pixelmon:potion
Super Potion pixelmon:super_potion
Hyper Potion pixelmon:hyper_potion
Max Potion pixelmon:max_potion
Fresh Water pixelmon:fresh_water
Soda Pop pixelmon:soda_pop
Lemonade pixelmon:lemonade
Moomoo Milk pixelmon:moomoo_milk
Ether pixelmon:ether
Max Ether pixelmon:max_ether
Elixir pixelmon:elixir
Max Elixir pixelmon:max_elixir
PP Up pixelmon:pp_up
PP Max pixelmon:pp_max
Full Restore pixelmon:full_restore
Revive pixelmon:revive
Max Revive pixelmon:max_revive
Antidote pixelmon:antidote
Paralyze Heal pixelmon:paralyze_heal
Awakening pixelmon:awakening
Burn Heal pixelmon:burn_heal
Ice Heal pixelmon:ice_heal
Full Heal pixelmon:full_heal
Rage Candy Bar pixelmon:rage_candy_bar
Lava Cookie pixelmon:lava_cookie
Old Gateau pixelmon:old_gateau
Casteliacone pixelmon:casteliacone
Lumiose Galette pixelmon:lumiose_galette
Shalour Sable pixelmon:shalour_sable
Big Malasada pixelmon:big_malasada
HP Up pixelmon:hp_up
Protein pixelmon:protein
Iron pixelmon:iron
Calcium pixelmon:calcium
Zinc pixelmon:zinc
Carbos pixelmon:carbos
Health Wing pixelmon:health_wing
Muscle Wing pixelmon:muscle_wing
Resist Wing pixelmon:resist_wing
Genius Wing pixelmon:genius_wing
Clever Wing pixelmon:clever_wing
Swift Wing pixelmon:swift_wing
Silver Wing pixelmon:silver_wing
Rainbow Wing pixelmon:rainbow_wing
Health Feather pixelmon:health_feather
Muscle Feather pixelmon:muscle_feather
Resist Feather pixelmon:resist_feather
Genius Feather pixelmon:genius_feather
Clever Feather pixelmon:clever_feather
Swift Feather pixelmon:swift_feather
Pomeg Berry pixelmon:pomeg_berry
Kelpsy Berry pixelmon:kelpsy_berry
Qualot Berry pixelmon:qualot_berry
Hondew Berry pixelmon:hondew_berry
Grepa Berry pixelmon:grepa_berry
Tamato Berry pixelmon:tamato_berry
Cornn Berry pixelmon:cornn_berry
Magost Berry pixelmon:magost_berry
Rabuta Berry pixelmon:rabuta_berry
Nomel Berry pixelmon:nomel_berry
Spelon Berry pixelmon:spelon_berry
Pamtre Berry pixelmon:pamtre_berry
Watmel Berry pixelmon:watmel_berry
Durin Berry pixelmon:durin_berry
Belue Berry pixelmon:belue_berry
Heal Powder pixelmon:heal_powder
Energy Powder pixelmon:energy_powder
Energy Root pixelmon:energy_root
Revival Herb pixelmon:revival_herb
X Attack pixelmon:x_attack
X Defense pixelmon:x_defence
X Sp. Atk pixelmon:x_special_attack
X Sp. Def pixelmon:x_special_defence
X Speed pixelmon:x_speed
X Accuracy pixelmon:x_accuracy
Dire Hit pixelmon:dire_hit
Fire Stone pixelmon:fire_stone
Water Stone pixelmon:water_stone
Moon Stone pixelmon:moon_stone
Thunder Stone pixelmon:thunder_stone
Leaf Stone pixelmon:leaf_stone
Sun Stone pixelmon:sun_stone
Dawn Stone pixelmon:dawn_stone
Dusk Stone pixelmon:dusk_stone
Shiny Stone pixelmon:shiny_stone
Ice Stone pixelmon:ice_stone
Thunder Stone Shard pixelmon:thunder_stone_shard
Leaf Stone Shard pixelmon:leaf_stone_shard
Water Stone Shard pixelmon:water_stone_shard
Fire Stone Shard pixelmon:fire_stone_shard
Sun Stone Shard pixelmon:sun_stone_shard
Moon Stone Shard pixelmon:moon_stone_shard
Dawn Stone Shard pixelmon:dawn_stone_shard
Dusk Stone Shard pixelmon:dusk_stone_shard
Shiny Stone Shard pixelmon:shiny_stone_shard
Ice Stone Shard pixelmon:ice_stone_shard
Wailmer Pail pixelmon:wailmer_pail
Old Rod pixelmon:old_rod
Good Rod pixelmon:good_rod
Super Rod pixelmon:super_rod
Oa10712’s Fishing Rod pixelmon:oas_rod
Fishing Log pixelmon:fishing_log
Toast pixelmon:curry_bread
Pasta pixelmon:curry_pasta
Fried Food pixelmon:curry_fried_food
Instant Noodles pixelmon:curry_instant_noodles
Precooked Burger pixelmon:curry_precooked_burger
Sausages pixelmon:curry_sausages
Tin of Beans pixelmon:curry_bean_tin
Mixed Mushrooms pixelmon:curry_mixed_mushrooms
Pack of Potatoes pixelmon:curry_potato_pack
Salad pixelmon:curry_salad_mix
Spice Mix pixelmon:curry_spice_mix
Bob’s Tin pixelmon:curry_bobs_tin
Bach’s Tin pixelmon:curry_bachs_tin
Brittle Bones pixelmon:curry_brittle_bones
Pungent Root pixelmon:curry_pungent_root
Fresh Cream pixelmon:curry_fresh_cream
Packaged Curry pixelmon:curry_packaged_curry
Coconut Milk pixelmon:curry_coconut_milk
Smoke-Poke Tail pixelmon:curry_smoke_poke_tail
Large Leek pixelmon:curry_large_leek
Fancy Apple pixelmon:curry_fancy_apple
Boiled Egg pixelmon:curry_boiled_egg
Fruit Bunch pixelmon:curry_fruit_bunch
Moomoo Cheese pixelmon:curry_moomoo_cheese
Gigantamix pixelmon:curry_gigantamix
Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_none
Sausage Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_sausages
Juicy Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_bobs_tin
Rich Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_bachs_tin
Bean Medley Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_bean_tin
Toast Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_bread
Pasta Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_pasta
Mushroom Medley Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_mixed_mushrooms
Smoked-Tail Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_smoke_poke_tail
Leek Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_large_leek
Apple Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_fancy_apple
Bone Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_brittle_bones
Plenty-of-Potato Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_potato_pack
Herb Medley Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_pungent_root
Salad Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_salad_mix
Fried-Food Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_fried_food
Boiled-Egg Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_boiled_egg
Tropical Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_fruit_bunch
Cheese-Covered Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_moomoo_cheese
Seasoned Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_spice_mix
Whipped-Cream Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_fresh_cream
Decorative Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_packaged_curry
Coconut Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_coconut_milk
Instant-Noodle Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_instant_noodles
Burger-Steak Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_precooked_burger
Gigantamax Curry pixelmon:dish_curry_gigantamix
Chisel pixelmon:chisel
Ranch Upgrade pixelmon:ranch_upgrade
Trade Monitor pixelmon:trade_monitor
Trade Holder Right pixelmon:trade_holder_right
Trade Holder Left pixelmon:trade_holder_left
Trade Panel pixelmon:trade_panel
Orb pixelmon:orb
Orb of Frozen Souls pixelmon:uno_orb
Orb of Static Souls pixelmon:dos_orb
Orb of Fiery Souls pixelmon:tres_orb
NPC Editor pixelmon:trainer_editor
Pokemon Editor pixelmon:pokemon_editor
Grotto Spawner pixelmon:grotto_spawner
Green Tank pixelmon:green_tank
Orange Tank pixelmon:orange_tank
Cloner Cord pixelmon:cloner_cord
Isi’s Golden Hourglass pixelmon:hourglass_gold
Isi’s Silver Hourglass pixelmon:hourglass_silver
Hiroku’s Golden Lens pixelmon:lens_gold
Hiroku’s Silver Lens pixelmon:lens_silver
Hidden Iron Door pixelmon:hidden_iron_door
Hidden Wooden Door pixelmon:hidden_wooden_door
Gift Box pixelmon:gift_box
Pokemon Painting pixelmon:painting
Camera pixelmon:camera
Film pixelmon:film
Tree pixelmon:tree
Amethyst pixelmon:amethyst
Ruby pixelmon:ruby
Ruby of Willpower pixelmon:ruby 1 1
Ruby of Emotion pixelmon:ruby 1 2
Ruby of Knowledge pixelmon:ruby 1 3
Crystal pixelmon:crystal
Sapphire pixelmon:sapphire
Silicon pixelmon:silicon
Aluminum Ingot pixelmon:aluminium_ingot
Aluminum Plate pixelmon:aluminium_plate
Ability Capsule pixelmon:ability_capsule
Exp. All pixelmon:exp_all
Gracidea pixelmon:gracidea
Reveal Glass pixelmon:reveal_glass
Red Chain pixelmon:red_chain
Repel pixelmon:repel
Super Repel pixelmon:super_repel
Max Repel pixelmon:max_repel
Porygon pixelmon:porygon_piece
Porygon Head pixelmon:porygon_piece 1 1
Porygon Body pixelmon:porygon_piece 1 2
Porygon Leg pixelmon:porygon_piece 1 3
Porygon Tail pixelmon:porygon_piece 1 4
Red Shard pixelmon:red_shard
Blue Shard pixelmon:blue_shard
Jade Shard pixelmon:jade_shard
Azure Flute pixelmon:azure_flute
Sacred Ash pixelmon:sacredash
Gold Bottle Cap pixelmon:gold_bottle_cap
Silver Bottle Cap pixelmon:silver_bottle_cap
Mach Bike pixelmon:mach_bike
Mach Bike Frame pixelmon:mach_bike_frame
Acro Bike pixelmon:acro_bike
Acro Bike Frame pixelmon:acro_bike_frame
Handles pixelmon:handles
Wheel pixelmon:wheel
Incense Burner pixelmon:incense_burner
Zygarde Cube pixelmon:zygarde_cube
Gáe Bolg pixelmon:gaebolg
Tart Apple pixelmon:tart_apple
Sweet Apple pixelmon:sweet_apple
Mint Cutting pixelmon:mint_seeds
Hardy Mint pixelmon:mint 1 0
Serious Mint pixelmon:mint 1 1
Docile Mint pixelmon:mint 1 2
Bashful Mint pixelmon:mint 1 3
Quirky Mint pixelmon:mint 1 4
Lonely Mint pixelmon:mint 1 5
Brave Mint pixelmon:mint 1 6
Adamant Mint pixelmon:mint 1 7
Naughty Mint pixelmon:mint 1 8
Bold Mint pixelmon:mint 1 9
Relaxed Mint pixelmon:mint 1 10
Impish Mint pixelmon:mint 1 11
Lax Mint pixelmon:mint 1 12
Timid Mint pixelmon:mint 1 13
Hasty Mint pixelmon:mint 1 14
Jolly Mint pixelmon:mint 1 15
Naive Mint pixelmon:mint 1 16
Modest Mint pixelmon:mint 1 17
Mild Mint pixelmon:mint 1 18
Quiet Mint pixelmon:mint 1 19
Rash Mint pixelmon:mint 1 20
Calm Mint pixelmon:mint 1 21
Gentle Mint pixelmon:mint 1 22
Sassy Mint pixelmon:mint 1 23
Careful Mint pixelmon:mint 1 24
Chipped Pot pixelmon:chipped_pot
Cracked Pot pixelmon:cracked_pot
Berry Sweet pixelmon:berry_sweet
Clover Sweet pixelmon:clover_sweet
Flower Sweet pixelmon:flower_sweet
Love Sweet pixelmon:love_sweet
Ribbon Sweet pixelmon:ribbon_sweet
Star Sweet pixelmon:star_sweet
Strawberry Sweet pixelmon:strawberry_sweet
Dynamax Candy pixelmon:dynamax_candy
Galarica Twig pixelmon:galarica_twig
Everstone pixelmon:ever_stone
Lucky Egg pixelmon:lucky_egg
Exp. Share pixelmon:exp_share
Choice Band pixelmon:choice_band
Choice Scarf pixelmon:choice_scarf
Choice Specs pixelmon:choice_specs
Macho Brace pixelmon:macho_brace
Power Weight pixelmon:power_weight
Power Bracer pixelmon:power_bracer
Power Belt pixelmon:power_belt
Power Lens pixelmon:power_lens
Power Band pixelmon:power_band
Power Anklet pixelmon:power_anklet
Muscle Band pixelmon:muscle_band
Cheri Berry pixelmon:cheri_berry
Chesto Berry pixelmon:chesto_berry
Pecha Berry pixelmon:pecha_berry
Rawst Berry pixelmon:rawst_berry
Aspear Berry pixelmon:aspear_berry
Leppa Berry pixelmon:leppa_berry
Persim Berry pixelmon:persim_berry
Oran Berry pixelmon:oran_berry
Lum Berry pixelmon:lum_berry
Sitrus Berry pixelmon:sitrus_berry
Figy Berry pixelmon:figy_berry
Wiki Berry pixelmon:wiki_berry
Mago Berry pixelmon:mago_berry
Aguav Berry pixelmon:aguav_berry
Iapapa Berry pixelmon:iapapa_berry
Liechi Berry pixelmon:liechi_berry
Ganlon Berry pixelmon:ganlon_berry
Salac Berry pixelmon:salac_berry
Petaya Berry pixelmon:petaya_berry
Apicot Berry pixelmon:apicot_berry
Lansat Berry pixelmon:lansat_berry
Starf Berry pixelmon:starf_berry
Custap Berry pixelmon:custap_berry
Micle Berry pixelmon:micle_berry
Enigma Berry pixelmon:enigma_berry
Pumkin Berry pixelmon:pumkin_berry
Drash Berry pixelmon:drash_berry
Eggant Berry pixelmon:eggant_berry
Yago Berry pixelmon:yago_berry
Touga Berry pixelmon:touga_berry
Ginema Berry pixelmon:ginema_berry
Occa Berry pixelmon:occa_berry
Passho Berry pixelmon:passho_berry
Wacan Berry pixelmon:wacan_berry
Rindo Berry pixelmon:rindo_berry
Yache Berry pixelmon:yache_berry
Chople Berry pixelmon:chople_berry
Kebia Berry pixelmon:kebia_berry
Shuca Berry pixelmon:shuca_berry
Coba Berry pixelmon:coba_berry
Payapa Berry pixelmon:payapa_berry
Tanga Berry pixelmon:tanga_berry
Charti Berry pixelmon:charti_berry
Kasib Berry pixelmon:kasib_berry
Haban Berry pixelmon:haban_berry
Colbur Berry pixelmon:colbur_berry
Babiri Berry pixelmon:babiri_berry
Chilan Berry pixelmon:chilan_berry
Roseli Berry pixelmon:roseli_berry
Jaboca Berry pixelmon:jaboca_berry
Rowap Berry pixelmon:rowap_berry
Kee Berry pixelmon:kee_berry
Maranga Berry pixelmon:maranga_berry
Berry Juice pixelmon:berry_juice
Soothe Bell pixelmon:soothe_bell
Smoke Ball pixelmon:smoke_ball
Wide Lens pixelmon:wide_lens
Leftovers pixelmon:leftovers
Shell Bell pixelmon:shell_bell
Cell Battery pixelmon:cell_battery
Metronome pixelmon:metronome
Metal Coat pixelmon:metal_coat
Prism Scale pixelmon:prism_scale
Dubious Disc pixelmon:dubious_disc
Electirizer pixelmon:electirizer
Magmarizer pixelmon:magmarizer
King’s Rock pixelmon:kings_rock
Protector pixelmon:protector
Up-Grade pixelmon:up-grade
Razor Fang pixelmon:razor_fang
Dragon Scale pixelmon:dragon_scale
Absorb Bulb pixelmon:absorb_bulb
Life Orb pixelmon:life_orb
Razor Claw pixelmon:razor_claw
Focus Sash pixelmon:focus_sash
Focus Band pixelmon:focus_band
Scope Lens pixelmon:scope_lens
Air Balloon pixelmon:air_balloon
Rocky Helmet pixelmon:rocky_helmet
Shed Shell pixelmon:shed_shell
Damp Rock pixelmon:damp_rock
Heat Rock pixelmon:heat_rock
Icy Rock pixelmon:icy_rock
Smooth Rock pixelmon:smooth_rock
Eviolite pixelmon:eviolite
Light Ball pixelmon:light_ball
Lucky Punch pixelmon:lucky_punch
Metal Powder pixelmon:metal_powder
Quick Powder pixelmon:quick_powder
Leek pixelmon:leek
Thick Club pixelmon:thick_club
Power Herb pixelmon:power_herb
Red Card pixelmon:red_card
Expert Belt pixelmon:expert_belt
Light Clay pixelmon:light_clay
Mental Herb pixelmon:mental_herb
Quick Claw pixelmon:quick_claw
White Herb pixelmon:white_herb
Big Root pixelmon:big_root
Zoom Lens pixelmon:zoom_lens
Bright Powder pixelmon:bright_powder
Lagging Tail pixelmon:lagging_tail
Wise Glasses pixelmon:wise_glasses
Eject Button pixelmon:eject_button
Throat Spray pixelmon:throat_spray
Binding Band pixelmon:binding_band
Iron Ball pixelmon:iron_ball
Grip Claw pixelmon:grip_claw
Float Stone pixelmon:float_stone
Ring Target pixelmon:ring_target
Amulet Coin pixelmon:amulet_coin
Reaper Cloth pixelmon:reaper_cloth
Deep Sea Scale pixelmon:deep_sea_scale
Deep Sea Tooth pixelmon:deep_sea_tooth
Oval Stone pixelmon:oval_stone
Full Incense pixelmon:full_incense
Lax Incense pixelmon:lax_incense
Luck Incense pixelmon:luck_incense
Odd Incense pixelmon:odd_incense
Pure Incense pixelmon:pure_incense
Rock Incense pixelmon:rock_incense
Rose Incense pixelmon:rose_incense
Sea Incense pixelmon:sea_incense
Wave Incense pixelmon:wave_incense
Bug Gem pixelmon:bug_gem
Dark Gem pixelmon:dark_gem
Dragon Gem pixelmon:dragon_gem
Electric Gem pixelmon:electric_gem
Fighting Gem pixelmon:fighting_gem
Fire Gem pixelmon:fire_gem
Flying Gem pixelmon:flying_gem
Ghost Gem pixelmon:ghost_gem
Grass Gem pixelmon:grass_gem
Ground Gem pixelmon:ground_gem
Ice Gem pixelmon:ice_gem
Normal Gem pixelmon:normal_gem
Poison Gem pixelmon:poison_gem
Psychic Gem pixelmon:psychic_gem
Rock Gem pixelmon:rock_gem
Steel Gem pixelmon:steel_gem
Water Gem pixelmon:water_gem
Fairy Gem pixelmon:fairy_gem
Black Belt pixelmon:black_belt
Black Glasses pixelmon:black_glasses
Charcoal pixelmon:charcoal
Dragon Fang pixelmon:dragon_fang
Hard Stone pixelmon:hard_stone
Miracle Seed pixelmon:miracle_seed
Mystic Water pixelmon:mystic_water
Never-Melt Ice pixelmon:never_melt_ice
Poison Barb pixelmon:poison_barb
Sharp Beak pixelmon:sharp_beak
Silk Scarf pixelmon:silk_scarf
Silver Powder pixelmon:silver_powder
Soft Sand pixelmon:soft_sand
Spell Tag pixelmon:spell_tag
Twisted Spoon pixelmon:twisted_spoon
Magnet pixelmon:magnet
Meadow Plate pixelmon:meadow_plate
Flame Plate pixelmon:flame_plate
Splash Plate pixelmon:splash_plate
Sky Plate pixelmon:sky_plate
Insect Plate pixelmon:insect_plate
Toxic Plate pixelmon:toxic_plate
Zap Plate pixelmon:zap_plate
Mind Plate pixelmon:mind_plate
Stone Plate pixelmon:stone_plate
Earth Plate pixelmon:earth_plate
Dread Plate pixelmon:dread_plate
Spooky Plate pixelmon:spooky_plate
Iron Plate pixelmon:iron_plate
Fist Plate pixelmon:fist_plate
Icicle Plate pixelmon:icicle_plate
Draco Plate pixelmon:draco_plate
Pixie Plate pixelmon:pixie_plate
Grass Memory pixelmon:grass_memory
Fire Memory pixelmon:fire_memory
Water Memory pixelmon:water_memory
Flying Memory pixelmon:flying_memory
Bug Memory pixelmon:bug_memory
Poison Memory pixelmon:poison_memory
Electric Memory pixelmon:electric_memory
Psychic Memory pixelmon:psychic_memory
Rock Memory pixelmon:rock_memory
Ground Memory pixelmon:ground_memory
Dark Memory pixelmon:dark_memory
Ghost Memory pixelmon:ghost_memory
Steel Memory pixelmon:steel_memory
Fighting Memory pixelmon:fighting_memory
Ice Memory pixelmon:ice_memory
Dragon Memory pixelmon:dragon_memory
Fairy Memory pixelmon:fairy_memory
Toxic Orb pixelmon:toxic_orb
Flame Orb pixelmon:flame_orb
Sticky Barb pixelmon:sticky_barb
Room Service pixelmon:room_service
Destiny Knot pixelmon:destiny_knot
Black Sludge pixelmon:black_sludge
Assault Vest pixelmon:assault_vest
Luminous Moss pixelmon:luminous_moss
Safety Goggles pixelmon:safety_goggles
Snowball pixelmon:snowball
Weakness Policy pixelmon:weakness_policy
Soul Dew pixelmon:soul_dew
Electric Seed pixelmon:electric_seed
Grassy Seed pixelmon:grassy_seed
Misty Seed pixelmon:misty_seed
Psychic Seed pixelmon:psychic_seed
Abomasite pixelmon:abomasite
Absolite pixelmon:absolite
Aerodactylite pixelmon:aerodactylite
Aggronite pixelmon:aggronite
Alakazite pixelmon:alakazite
Altarianite pixelmon:altarianite
Ampharosite pixelmon:ampharosite
Audinite pixelmon:audinite
Banettite pixelmon:banettite
Beedrillite pixelmon:beedrillite
Blastoisinite pixelmon:blastoisinite
Blazikenite pixelmon:blazikenite
Cameruptite pixelmon:cameruptite
Charizardite X pixelmon:charizardite_x
Charizardite Y pixelmon:charizardite_y
Diancite pixelmon:diancite
Galladite pixelmon:galladite
Garchompite pixelmon:garchompite
Gardevoirite pixelmon:gardevoirite
Gengarite pixelmon:gengarite
Glalitite pixelmon:glalitite
Gyaradosite pixelmon:gyaradosite
Heracronite pixelmon:heracronite
Houndoominite pixelmon:houndoominite
Kangaskhanite pixelmon:kangaskhanite
Latiasite pixelmon:latiasite
Latiosite pixelmon:latiosite
Lopunnite pixelmon:lopunnite
Lucarionite pixelmon:lucarionite
Manectite pixelmon:manectite
Mawilite pixelmon:mawilite
Medichamite pixelmon:medichamite
Metagrossite pixelmon:metagrossite
Mewtwonite X pixelmon:mewtwonite_x
Mewtwonite Y pixelmon:mewtwonite_y
Pidgeotite pixelmon:pidgeotite
Pinsirite pixelmon:pinsirite
Sablenite pixelmon:sablenite
Salamencite pixelmon:salamencite
Sceptilite pixelmon:sceptilite
Scizorite pixelmon:scizorite
Sharpedonite pixelmon:sharpedonite
Slowbronite pixelmon:slowbronite
Steelixite pixelmon:steelixite
Swampertite pixelmon:swampertite
Tyranitarite pixelmon:tyranitarite
Venusaurite pixelmon:venusaurite
Adamant Orb pixelmon:adamant_orb
Lustrous Orb pixelmon:lustrous_orb
Griseous Orb pixelmon:griseous_orb
Burn Drive pixelmon:burn_drive
Chill Drive pixelmon:chill_drive
Douse Drive pixelmon:douse_drive
Shock Drive pixelmon:shock_drive
Sachet pixelmon:sachet
Whipped Dream pixelmon:whipped_dream
DNA Splicers pixelmon:dna_splicers
Prison Bottle pixelmon:prison_bottle
Meteorite pixelmon:meteorite
N-Lunarizer pixelmon:n_lunarizer
N-Solarizer pixelmon:n_solarizer
Red Orb pixelmon:red_orb
Blue Orb pixelmon:blue_orb
Buginium Z pixelmon:buginium_z
Darkinium Z pixelmon:darkinium_z
Dragonium Z pixelmon:dragonium_z
Electrium Z pixelmon:electrium_z
Fairium Z pixelmon:fairium_z
Fightinium Z pixelmon:fightinium_z
Firium Z pixelmon:firium_z
Flyinium Z pixelmon:flyinium_z
Ghostium Z pixelmon:ghostium_z
Grassium Z pixelmon:grassium_z
Groundium Z pixelmon:groundium_z
Icium Z pixelmon:icium_z
Normalium Z pixelmon:normalium_z
Poisonium Z pixelmon:poisonium_z
Psychium Z pixelmon:psychium_z
Rockium Z pixelmon:rockium_z
Steelium Z pixelmon:steelium_z
Waterium Z pixelmon:waterium_z
Aloraichium Z pixelmon:aloraichium_z
Decidium Z pixelmon:decidium_z
Eevium Z pixelmon:eevium_z
Incinium Z pixelmon:incinium_z
Kommonium Z pixelmon:kommonium_z
Lunalium Z pixelmon:lunalium_z
Lycanium Z pixelmon:lycanium_z
Marshadium Z pixelmon:marshadium_z
Mewnium Z pixelmon:mewnium_z
Mimikium Z pixelmon:mimikium_z
Pikanium Z pixelmon:pikanium_z
Pikashunium Z pixelmon:pikashunium_z
Primarium Z pixelmon:primarium_z
Snorlium Z pixelmon:snorlium_z
Solganium Z pixelmon:solganium_z
Tapunium Z pixelmon:tapunium_z
Ultranecrozium Z pixelmon:ultranecrozium_z
Heavy-Duty Boots pixelmon:heavy_duty_boots
New Running Boots pixelmon:new_running_boots
Old Running Boots pixelmon:old_running_boots
Ruby Hammer pixelmon:ruby_hammer
Ruby Axe pixelmon:ruby_axe
Ruby Hoe pixelmon:ruby_hoe
Ruby Pickaxe pixelmon:ruby_pickaxe
Ruby Shovel pixelmon:ruby_shovel
Ruby Sword pixelmon:ruby_sword
Sapphire Hammer pixelmon:sapphire_hammer
Sapphire Axe pixelmon:sapphire_axe
Sapphire Hoe pixelmon:sapphire_hoe
Sapphire Pickaxe pixelmon:sapphire_pickaxe
Sapphire Shovel pixelmon:sapphire_shovel
Sapphire Sword pixelmon:sapphire_sword
Amethyst Hammer pixelmon:amethyst_hammer
Amethyst Axe pixelmon:amethyst_axe
Amethyst Hoe pixelmon:amethyst_hoe
Amethyst Pickaxe pixelmon:amethyst_pickaxe
Amethyst Shovel pixelmon:amethyst_shovel
Amethyst Sword pixelmon:amethyst_sword
Crystal Hammer pixelmon:crystal_hammer
Crystal Axe pixelmon:crystal_axe
Crystal Hoe pixelmon:crystal_hoe
Crystal Pickaxe pixelmon:crystal_pickaxe
Crystal Shovel pixelmon:crystal_shovel
Crystal Sword pixelmon:crystal_sword
Fire Stone Hammer pixelmon:fire_stone_hammer
Fire Stone Axe pixelmon:fire_stone_axe
Fire Stone Hoe pixelmon:fire_stone_hoe
Fire Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:fire_stone_pickaxe
Fire Stone Shovel pixelmon:fire_stone_shovel
Fire Stone Sword pixelmon:fire_stone_sword
Water Stone Hammer pixelmon:water_stone_hammer
Water Stone Axe pixelmon:water_stone_axe
Water Stone Hoe pixelmon:water_stone_hoe
Water Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:water_stone_pickaxe
Water Stone Shovel pixelmon:water_stone_shovel
Water Stone Sword pixelmon:water_stone_sword
Leaf Stone Hammer pixelmon:leaf_stone_hammer
Leaf Stone Axe pixelmon:leaf_stone_axe
Leaf Stone Hoe pixelmon:leaf_stone_hoe
Leaf Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:leaf_stone_pickaxe
Leaf Stone Shovel pixelmon:leaf_stone_shovel
Leaf Stone Sword pixelmon:leaf_stone_sword
Thunder Stone Hammer pixelmon:thunder_stone_hammer
Thunder Stone Axe pixelmon:thunder_stone_axe
Thunder Stone Hoe pixelmon:thunder_stone_hoe
Thunder Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:thunder_stone_pickaxe
Thunder Stone Shovel pixelmon:thunder_stone_shovel
Thunder Stone Sword pixelmon:thunder_stone_sword
Sun Stone Hammer pixelmon:sun_stone_hammer
Sun Stone Axe pixelmon:sun_stone_axe
Sun Stone Hoe pixelmon:sun_stone_hoe
Sun Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:sun_stone_pickaxe
Sun Stone Shovel pixelmon:sun_stone_shovel
Sun Stone Sword pixelmon:sun_stone_sword
Moon Stone Hammer pixelmon:moon_stone_hammer
Moon Stone Axe pixelmon:moon_stone_axe
Moon Stone Hoe pixelmon:moon_stone_hoe
Moon Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:moon_stone_pickaxe
Moon Stone Shovel pixelmon:moon_stone_shovel
Moon Stone Sword pixelmon:moon_stone_sword
Dawn Stone Hammer pixelmon:dawn_stone_hammer
Dawn Stone Axe pixelmon:dawn_stone_axe
Dawn Stone Hoe pixelmon:dawn_stone_hoe
Dawn Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:dawn_stone_pickaxe
Dawn Stone Shovel pixelmon:dawn_stone_shovel
Dawn Stone Sword pixelmon:dawn_stone_sword
Dusk Stone Hammer pixelmon:dusk_stone_hammer
Dusk Stone Axe pixelmon:dusk_stone_axe
Dusk Stone Hoe pixelmon:dusk_stone_hoe
Dusk Stone Pickaxe pixelmon:dusk_stone_pickaxe
Dusk Stone Shovel pixelmon:dusk_stone_shovel
Dusk Stone Sword pixelmon:dusk_stone_sword
Aluminum Sword pixelmon:aluminium_sword
Magma Helmet pixelmon:ruby_helm
Magma Chestplate pixelmon:ruby_plate
Magma Leggings pixelmon:ruby_legs
Magma Boots pixelmon:ruby_boots
Aqua Helmet pixelmon:sapphire_helm
Aqua Chestplate pixelmon:sapphire_plate
Aqua Leggings pixelmon:sapphire_legs
Aqua Boots pixelmon:sapphire_boots
Plasma Helmet pixelmon:plasma_helm
Plasma Chestplate pixelmon:plasma_plate
Plasma Leggings pixelmon:plasma_legs
Plasma Boots pixelmon:plasma_boots
Galactic Swag pixelmon:galactic_helm
Galactic Chestplate pixelmon:galactic_plate
Galactic Leggings pixelmon:galactic_legs
Galactic Boots pixelmon:galactic_boots
Neo Plasma Helmet pixelmon:neo_plasma_helm
Neo Plasma Chestplate pixelmon:neo_plasma_plate
Neo Plasma Leggings pixelmon:neo_plasma_legs
Neo Plasma Boots pixelmon:neo_plasma_boots
Rocket Helmet pixelmon:rocket_helm
Rocket Chestplate pixelmon:rocket_plate
Rocket Leggings pixelmon:rocket_legs
Rocket Boots pixelmon:rocket_boots
Fire Stone Helmet pixelmon:fire_stone_helm
Fire Stone Chestplate pixelmon:fire_stone_plate
Fire Stone Leggings pixelmon:fire_stone_legs
Fire Stone Boots pixelmon:fire_stone_boots
Water Stone Helmet pixelmon:water_stone_helm
Water Stone Chestplate pixelmon:water_stone_plate
Water Stone Leggings pixelmon:water_stone_legs
Water Stone Boots pixelmon:water_stone_boots
Leaf Stone Helmet pixelmon:leaf_stone_helm
Leaf Stone Chestplate pixelmon:leaf_stone_plate
Leaf Stone Leggings pixelmon:leaf_stone_legs
Leaf Stone Boots pixelmon:leaf_stone_boots
Thunder Stone Helmet pixelmon:thunder_stone_helm
Thunder Stone Chestplate pixelmon:thunder_stone_plate
Thunder Stone Leggings pixelmon:thunder_stone_legs
Thunder Stone Boots pixelmon:thunder_stone_boots
Sun Stone Helmet pixelmon:sun_stone_helm
Sun Stone Chestplate pixelmon:sun_stone_plate
Sun Stone Leggings pixelmon:sun_stone_legs
Sun Stone Boots pixelmon:sun_stone_boots
Moon Stone Helmet pixelmon:moon_stone_helm
Moon Stone Chestplate pixelmon:moon_stone_plate
Moon Stone Leggings pixelmon:moon_stone_legs
Moon Stone Boots pixelmon:moon_stone_boots
Dawn Stone Helmet pixelmon:dawn_stone_helm
Dawn Stone Chestplate pixelmon:dawn_stone_plate
Dawn Stone Leggings pixelmon:dawn_stone_legs
Dawn Stone Boots pixelmon:dawn_stone_boots
Dusk Stone Helmet pixelmon:dusk_stone_helm
Dusk Stone Chestplate pixelmon:dusk_stone_plate
Dusk Stone Leggings pixelmon:dusk_stone_legs
Dusk Stone Boots pixelmon:dusk_stone_boots
Wood Hammer pixelmon:wood_hammer
Stone Hammer pixelmon:stone_hammer
Iron Hammer pixelmon:iron_hammer
Gold Hammer pixelmon:gold_hammer
Diamond Hammer pixelmon:diamond_hammer
Aluminum Hammer pixelmon:aluminium_hammer
Aluminum Axe pixelmon:aluminium_axe
Aluminum Shovel pixelmon:aluminium_spade
Aluminum Pickaxe pixelmon:aluminium_pickaxe
Aluminum Hoe pixelmon:aluminium_hoe
Aluminum Helmet pixelmon:aluminium_helmet
Aluminum Chestplate pixelmon:aluminium_chestplate
Aluminum Leggings pixelmon:aluminium_leggings
Aluminum Boots pixelmon:aluminium_boots
Balance Badge pixelmon:balance_badge
Basic Badge pixelmon:basic_badge
Beacon Badge pixelmon:beacon_badge
Boulder Badge pixelmon:boulder_badge
Cascade Badge pixelmon:cascade_badge
Coal Badge pixelmon:coal_badge
Cobble Badge pixelmon:cobble_badge
Dynamo Badge pixelmon:dynamo_badge
Earth Badge pixelmon:earth_badge
Feather Badge pixelmon:feather_badge
Fen Badge pixelmon:fen_badge
Fog Badge pixelmon:fog_badge
Forest Badge pixelmon:forest_badge
Glacier Badge pixelmon:glacier_badge
Heat Badge pixelmon:heat_badge
Hive Badge pixelmon:hive_badge
Icicle Badge pixelmon:icicle_badge
Knuckle Badge pixelmon:knuckle_badge
Marsh Badge pixelmon:marsh_badge
Mind Badge pixelmon:mind_badge
Mine Badge pixelmon:mine_badge
Mineral Badge pixelmon:mineral_badge
Plain Badge pixelmon:plain_badge
Rain Badge pixelmon:rain_badge
Rainbow Badge pixelmon:rainbow_badge
Relic Badge pixelmon:relic_badge
Rising Badge pixelmon:rising_badge
Soul Badge pixelmon:soul_badge
Stone Badge pixelmon:stone_badge
Storm Badge pixelmon:storm_badge
Thunder Badge pixelmon:thunder_badge
Volcano Badge pixelmon:volcano_badge
Zephyr Badge pixelmon:zephyr_badge
Bolt Badge pixelmon:bolt_badge
Freeze Badge pixelmon:freeze_badge
Insect Badge pixelmon:insect_badge
Jet Badge pixelmon:jet_badge
Legend Badge pixelmon:legend_badge
Quake Badge pixelmon:quake_badge
Toxic Badge pixelmon:toxic_badge
Trio Badge pixelmon:trio_badge
Wave Badge pixelmon:wave_badge
Bug Badge pixelmon:bug_badge
Cliff Badge pixelmon:cliff_badge
Rumble Badge pixelmon:rumble_badge
Plant Badge pixelmon:plant_badge
Voltage Badge pixelmon:voltage_badge
Fairy Badge pixelmon:fairy_badge
Psychic Badge pixelmon:psychic_badge
Iceberg Badge pixelmon:iceberg_badge
Nugget pixelmon:nugget
Big Nugget pixelmon:big_nugget
Balm Mushroom pixelmon:balm_mushroom
Big Mushroom pixelmon:big_mushroom
Big Pearl pixelmon:big_pearl
Comet Shard pixelmon:comet_shard
Pearl pixelmon:pearl
Pearl String pixelmon:pearl_string
Pretty Wing pixelmon:pretty_wing
Pretty Feather pixelmon:pretty_feather
Rare Bone pixelmon:rare_bone
Relic Copper pixelmon:relic_copper
Relic Gold pixelmon:relic_gold
Relic Silver pixelmon:relic_silver
Shoal Salt pixelmon:shoal_salt
Shoal Shell pixelmon:shoal_shell
Slowpoke Tail pixelmon:slowpoke_tail
Star Piece pixelmon:star_piece
Stardust pixelmon:stardust
Strange Souvenir pixelmon:strange_souvenir
Tiny Mushroom pixelmon:tiny_mushroom
Ultra Ruin Key pixelmon:ultra_ruin_key
Ultra Forest Key pixelmon:ultra_forest_key
Ultra Deep Sea Key pixelmon:ultra_deep_sea_key
Helix Fossil pixelmon:helix_fossil
Dome Fossil pixelmon:dome_fossil
Old Amber pixelmon:old_amber
Root Fossil pixelmon:root_fossil
Claw Fossil pixelmon:claw_fossil
Skull Fossil pixelmon:skull_fossil
Armor Fossil pixelmon:armor_fossil
Cover Fossil pixelmon:cover_fossil
Plume Fossil pixelmon:plume_fossil
Jaw Fossil pixelmon:jaw_fossil
Sail Fossil pixelmon:sail_fossil
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 0
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 1
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 2
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 3
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 4
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 5
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 6
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 7
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 8
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 9
Covered Fossil pixelmon:covered_fossil 10
Fossil Machine Tank pixelmon:fossil_machine_tank
Fossil Machine Display pixelmon:fossil_machine_display
Fossil Machine Top pixelmon:fossil_machine_top
Fossil Machine Base pixelmon:fossil_machine_base
Poke Ball pixelmon:poke_ball
Great Ball pixelmon:great_ball
Ultra Ball pixelmon:ultra_ball
Master Ball pixelmon:master_ball
Level Ball pixelmon:level_ball
Moon Ball pixelmon:moon_ball
Friend Ball pixelmon:friend_ball
Love Ball pixelmon:love_ball
Safari Ball pixelmon:safari_ball
Heavy Ball pixelmon:heavy_ball
Fast Ball pixelmon:fast_ball
Repeat Ball pixelmon:repeat_ball
Timer Ball pixelmon:timer_ball
Nest Ball pixelmon:nest_ball
Net Ball pixelmon:net_ball
Dive Ball pixelmon:dive_ball
Luxury Ball pixelmon:luxury_ball
Heal Ball pixelmon:heal_ball
Dusk Ball pixelmon:dusk_ball
Premier Ball pixelmon:premier_ball
Sport Ball pixelmon:sport_ball
Quick Ball pixelmon:quick_ball
Lure Ball pixelmon:lure_ball
Park Ball pixelmon:park_ball
Cherish Ball pixelmon:cherish_ball
GS Ball pixelmon:gs_ball
Beast Ball pixelmon:beast_ball
Dream Ball pixelmon:dream_ball
Poke Ball Lid pixelmon:poke_ball_lid
Great Ball Lid pixelmon:great_ball_lid
Ultra Ball Lid pixelmon:ultra_ball_lid
Level Ball Lid pixelmon:level_ball_lid
Moon Ball Lid pixelmon:moon_ball_lid
Friend Ball Lid pixelmon:friend_ball_lid
Love Ball Lid pixelmon:love_ball_lid
Safari Ball Lid pixelmon:safari_ball_lid
Heavy Ball Lid pixelmon:heavy_ball_lid
Fast Ball Lid pixelmon:fast_ball_lid
Repeat Ball Lid pixelmon:repeat_ball_lid
Timer Ball Lid pixelmon:timer_ball_lid
Nest Ball Lid pixelmon:nest_ball_lid
Net Ball Lid pixelmon:net_ball_lid
Dive Ball Lid pixelmon:dive_ball_lid
Luxury Ball Lid pixelmon:luxury_ball_lid
Heal Ball Lid pixelmon:heal_ball_lid
Dusk Ball Lid pixelmon:dusk_ball_lid
Premier Ball Lid pixelmon:premier_ball_lid
Sport Ball Lid pixelmon:sport_ball_lid
Quick Ball Lid pixelmon:quick_ball_lid
Lure Ball Lid pixelmon:lure_ball_lid
Poke Ball Disc pixelmon:poke_ball_disc
Great Ball Disc pixelmon:great_ball_disc
Ultra Ball Disc pixelmon:ultra_ball_disc
Level Ball Disc pixelmon:level_ball_disc
Moon Ball Disc pixelmon:moon_ball_disc
Friend Ball Disc pixelmon:friend_ball_disc
Love Ball Disc pixelmon:love_ball_disc
Safari Ball Disc pixelmon:safari_ball_disc
Heavy Ball Disc pixelmon:heavy_ball_disc
Fast Ball Disc pixelmon:fast_ball_disc
Repeat Ball Disc pixelmon:repeat_ball_disc
Timer Ball Disc pixelmon:timer_ball_disc
Nest Ball Disc pixelmon:nest_ball_disc
Net Ball Disc pixelmon:net_ball_disc
Dive Ball Disc pixelmon:dive_ball_disc
Luxury Ball Disc pixelmon:luxury_ball_disc
Heal Ball Disc pixelmon:heal_ball_disc
Dusk Ball Disc pixelmon:dusk_ball_disc
Premier Ball Disc pixelmon:premier_ball_disc
Sport Ball Disc pixelmon:sport_ball_disc
Quick Ball Disc pixelmon:quick_ball_disc
Lure Ball Disc pixelmon:lure_ball_disc
Iron Disc pixelmon:iron_disc
Iron Base pixelmon:iron_base
Aluminum Disc pixelmon:aluminum_disc
Aluminum Base pixelmon:aluminum_base
Black Apricorn pixelmon:black_apricorn
White Apricorn pixelmon:white_apricorn
Pink Apricorn pixelmon:pink_apricorn
Green Apricorn pixelmon:green_apricorn
Blue Apricorn pixelmon:blue_apricorn
Yellow Apricorn pixelmon:yellow_apricorn
Red Apricorn pixelmon:red_apricorn
Cooked Black Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_black_apricorn
Cooked White Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_white_apricorn
Cooked Pink Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_pink_apricorn
Cooked Green Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_green_apricorn
Cooked Blue Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_blue_apricorn
Cooked Yellow Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_yellow_apricorn
Cooked Red Apricorn pixelmon:cooked_red_apricorn
Black Badgecase pixelmon:blackbadgecase
White Badgecase pixelmon:whitebadgecase
Pink Badgecase pixelmon:pinkbadgecase
Green Badgecase pixelmon:greenbadgecase
Blue Badgecase pixelmon:bluebadgecase
Yellow Badgecase pixelmon:yellowbadgecase
Red Badgecase pixelmon:redbadgecase
TM01: Hone Claws pixelmon:tm1
TM02: Dragon Claw pixelmon:tm2
TM03: Psyshock pixelmon:tm3
TM04: Calm Mind pixelmon:tm4
TM05: Roar pixelmon:tm5
TM06: Toxic pixelmon:tm6
TM07: Hail pixelmon:tm7
TM08: Bulk Up pixelmon:tm8
TM09: Venoshock pixelmon:tm9
TM10: Hidden Power pixelmon:tm10
TM11: Sunny Day pixelmon:tm11
TM12: Taunt pixelmon:tm12
TM13: Ice Beam pixelmon:tm13
TM14: Blizzard pixelmon:tm14
TM15: Hyper Beam pixelmon:tm15
TM16: Light Screen pixelmon:tm16
TM17: Protect pixelmon:tm17
TM18: Rain Dance pixelmon:tm18
TM19: Telekinesis pixelmon:tm19
TM20: Safeguard pixelmon:tm20
TM21: Frustration pixelmon:tm21
TM22: Solar Beam pixelmon:tm22
TM23: Smack Down pixelmon:tm23
TM24: Thunderbolt pixelmon:tm24
TM25: Thunder pixelmon:tm25
TM26: Earthquake pixelmon:tm26
TM27: Return pixelmon:tm27
TM28: Dig pixelmon:tm28
TM29: Psychic pixelmon:tm29
TM30: Shadow Ball pixelmon:tm30
TM31: Brick Break pixelmon:tm31
TM32: Double Team pixelmon:tm32
TM33: Reflect pixelmon:tm33
TM34: Sludge Wave pixelmon:tm34
TM35: Flamethrower pixelmon:tm35
TM36: Sludge Bomb pixelmon:tm36
TM37: Sandstorm pixelmon:tm37
TM38: Fire Blast pixelmon:tm38
TM39: Rock Tomb pixelmon:tm39
TM40: Aerial Ace pixelmon:tm40
TM41: Torment pixelmon:tm41
TM42: Facade pixelmon:tm42
TM43: Flame Charge pixelmon:tm43
TM44: Rest pixelmon:tm44
TM45: Attract pixelmon:tm45
TM46: Thief pixelmon:tm46
TM47: Low Sweep pixelmon:tm47
TM48: Round pixelmon:tm48
TM49: Echoed Voice pixelmon:tm49
TM50: Overheat pixelmon:tm50
TM51: Ally Switch pixelmon:tm51
TM52: Focus Blast pixelmon:tm52
TM53: Energy Ball pixelmon:tm53
TM54: False Swipe pixelmon:tm54
TM55: Scald pixelmon:tm55
TM56: Fling pixelmon:tm56
TM57: Charge Beam pixelmon:tm57
TM58: Sky Drop pixelmon:tm58
TM59: Incinerate pixelmon:tm59
TM60: Quash pixelmon:tm60
TM61: Will-O-Wisp pixelmon:tm61
TM62: Acrobatics pixelmon:tm62
TM63: Embargo pixelmon:tm63
TM64: Explosion pixelmon:tm64
TM65: Shadow Claw pixelmon:tm65
TM66: Payback pixelmon:tm66
TM67: Retaliate pixelmon:tm67
TM68: Giga Impact pixelmon:tm68
TM69: Rock Polish pixelmon:tm69
TM70: Flash pixelmon:tm70
TM71: Stone Edge pixelmon:tm71
TM72: Volt Switch pixelmon:tm72
TM73: Thunder Wave pixelmon:tm73
TM74: Gyro Ball pixelmon:tm74
TM75: Swords Dance pixelmon:tm75
TM76: Struggle Bug pixelmon:tm76
TM77: Psych Up pixelmon:tm77
TM78: Bulldoze pixelmon:tm78
TM79: Frost Breath pixelmon:tm79
TM80: Rock Slide pixelmon:tm80
TM81: X-Scissor pixelmon:tm81
TM82: Dragon Tail pixelmon:tm82
TM83: Work Up pixelmon:tm83
TM84: Poison Jab pixelmon:tm84
TM85: Dream Eater pixelmon:tm85
TM86: Grass Knot pixelmon:tm86
TM87: Swagger pixelmon:tm87
TM88: Pluck pixelmon:tm88
TM89: U-Turn pixelmon:tm89
TM90: Substitute pixelmon:tm90
TM91: Flash Cannon pixelmon:tm91
TM92: Trick Room pixelmon:tm92
TM93: Wild Charge pixelmon:tm93
TM94: Rock Smash pixelmon:tm94
TM95: Snarl pixelmon:tm95
TM96: Mega Punch pixelmon:tm96
TM97: Razor Wind pixelmon:tm97
TM98: Whirlwind pixelmon:tm98
TM99: Mega Kick pixelmon:tm99
TM100: Horn Drill pixelmon:tm100
TM101: Body Slam pixelmon:tm101
TM102: Take Down pixelmon:tm102
TM103: Double-Edge pixelmon:tm103
TM104: Bubble Beam pixelmon:tm104
TM105: Water Gun pixelmon:tm105
TM106: Pay Day pixelmon:tm106
TM107: Submission pixelmon:tm107
TM108: Counter pixelmon:tm108
TM109: Seismic Toss pixelmon:tm109
TM110: Rage pixelmon:tm110
TM111: Mega Drain pixelmon:tm111
TM112: Dragon Rage pixelmon:tm112
TM113: Fissure pixelmon:tm113
TM114: Teleport pixelmon:tm114
TM115: Mimic pixelmon:tm115
TM116: Bide pixelmon:tm116
TM117: Metronome pixelmon:tm117
TM118: Self-Destruct pixelmon:tm118
TM119: Egg Bomb pixelmon:tm119
TM120: Swift pixelmon:tm120
TM121: Skull Bash pixelmon:tm121
TM122: Soft-Boiled pixelmon:tm122
TM123: Sky Attack pixelmon:tm123
TM124: Psywave pixelmon:tm124
TM125: Tri Attack pixelmon:tm125
TM126: Dynamic Punch pixelmon:tm126
TM127: Headbutt pixelmon:tm127
TM128: Curse pixelmon:tm128
TM129: Rollout pixelmon:tm129
TM130: Zap Cannon pixelmon:tm130
TM131: Sweet Scent pixelmon:tm131
TM132: Snore pixelmon:tm132
TM133: Icy Wind pixelmon:tm133
TM134: Giga Drain pixelmon:tm134
TM135: Endure pixelmon:tm135
TM136: Iron Tail pixelmon:tm136
TM137: Dragon Breath pixelmon:tm137
TM138: Mud-Slap pixelmon:tm138
TM139: Ice Punch pixelmon:tm139
TM140: Sleep Talk pixelmon:tm140
TM141: Defense Curl pixelmon:tm141
TM142: Thunder Punch pixelmon:tm142
TM143: Detect pixelmon:tm143
TM144: Steel Wing pixelmon:tm144
TM145: Fire Punch pixelmon:tm145
TM146: Fury Cutter pixelmon:tm146
TM147: Nightmare pixelmon:tm147
TM148: Focus Punch pixelmon:tm148
TM149: Water Pulse pixelmon:tm149
TM150: Bullet Seed pixelmon:tm150
TM151: Shock Wave pixelmon:tm151
TM152: Secret Power pixelmon:tm152
TM153: Skill Swap pixelmon:tm153
TM154: Snatch pixelmon:tm154
TM155: Roost pixelmon:tm155
TM156: Brine pixelmon:tm156
TM157: Dragon Pulse pixelmon:tm157
TM158: Drain Punch pixelmon:tm158
TM159: Silver Wind pixelmon:tm159
TM160: Recycle pixelmon:tm160
TM161: Avalanche pixelmon:tm161
TM162: Stealth Rock pixelmon:tm162
TM163: Captivate pixelmon:tm163
TM164: Dark Pulse pixelmon:tm164
TM165: Natural Gift pixelmon:tm165
TM166: Infestation pixelmon:tm166
TM167: Nature Power pixelmon:tm167
TM168: Power-Up Punch pixelmon:tm168
TM169: Dazzling Gleam pixelmon:tm169
TM170: Confide pixelmon:tm170
TM171: Aurora Veil pixelmon:tm171
TM172: Brutal Swing pixelmon:tm172
TM173: Smart Strike pixelmon:tm173
TM174: Leech Life pixelmon:tm174
HM01: Cut pixelmon:hm1
HM02: Fly pixelmon:hm2
HM03: Surf pixelmon:hm3
HM04: Strength pixelmon:hm4
HM05: Defog pixelmon:hm5
HM06: Rock Smash pixelmon:hm6
HM07: Waterfall pixelmon:hm7
HM08: Rock Climb pixelmon:hm8
HM09: Whirlpool pixelmon:hm9
HM10: Dive pixelmon:hm10
Galarian TM63: Drain Punch pixelmon:tm8 63
Galarian TM33: Rain Dance pixelmon:tm8 33
Galarian TM15: Dig pixelmon:tm8 15
Galarian TM29: Charm pixelmon:tm8 29
Galarian TM86: Phantom Force pixelmon:tm8 86
Galarian TM55: Brine pixelmon:tm8 55
Galarian TM23: Thief pixelmon:tm8 23
Galarian TM75: Low Sweep pixelmon:tm8 75
Galarian TM41: Helping Hand pixelmon:tm8 41
Galarian TM95: Air Slash pixelmon:tm8 95
Galarian TM03: Fire Punch pixelmon:tm8 3
Galarian TM18: Reflect pixelmon:tm8 18
Galarian TM61: Guard Swap pixelmon:tm8 61
Galarian TM06: Fly pixelmon:tm8 6
Galarian TM05: Thunder Punch pixelmon:tm8 5
Galarian TM64: Avalanche pixelmon:tm8 64
Galarian TM52: Bounce pixelmon:tm8 52
Galarian TM77: Hex pixelmon:tm8 77
Galarian TM96: Smart Strike pixelmon:tm8 96
Galarian TM47: Fake Tears pixelmon:tm8 47
Galarian TM42: Revenge pixelmon:tm8 42
Galarian TM46: Weather Ball pixelmon:tm8 46
Galarian TM53: Mud Shot pixelmon:tm8 53
Galarian TM84: Tail Slap pixelmon:tm8 84
Galarian TM44: Imprison pixelmon:tm8 44
Galarian TM82: Electroweb pixelmon:tm8 82
Galarian TM56: U-turn pixelmon:tm8 56
Galarian TM92: Mystical Fire pixelmon:tm8 92
Galarian TM98: Stomping Tantrum pixelmon:tm8 98
Galarian TM31: Attract pixelmon:tm8 31
Galarian TM08: Hyper Beam pixelmon:tm8 8
Galarian TM02: Pay Day pixelmon:tm8 2
Galarian TM14: Thunder Wave pixelmon:tm8 14
Galarian TM51: Icicle Spear pixelmon:tm8 51
Galarian TM99: Breaking Swipe pixelmon:tm8 99
Galarian TM12: Solar Blade pixelmon:tm8 12
Galarian TM57: Payback pixelmon:tm8 57
Galarian TM10: Magical Leaf pixelmon:tm8 10
Galarian TM43: Brick Break pixelmon:tm8 43
Galarian TM72: Magic Room pixelmon:tm8 72
Galarian TM21: Rest pixelmon:tm8 21
Galarian TM88: Grassy Terrain pixelmon:tm8 88
Galarian TM04: Ice Punch pixelmon:tm8 4
Galarian TM60: Power Swap pixelmon:tm8 60
Galarian TM11: Solar Beam pixelmon:tm8 11
Galarian TM28: Giga Drain pixelmon:tm8 28
Galarian TM79: Retaliate pixelmon:tm8 79
Galarian TM81: Bulldoze pixelmon:tm8 81
Galarian TM89: Misty Terrain pixelmon:tm8 89
Galarian TM62: Speed Swap pixelmon:tm8 62
Galarian TM74: Venoshock pixelmon:tm8 74
Galarian TM26: Scary Face pixelmon:tm8 26
Galarian TM20: Self-Destruct pixelmon:tm8 20
Galarian TM09: Giga Impact pixelmon:tm8 9
Galarian TM59: Fling pixelmon:tm8 59
Galarian TM07: Pin Missile pixelmon:tm8 7
Galarian TM32: Sandstorm pixelmon:tm8 32
Galarian TM37: Beat Up pixelmon:tm8 37
Galarian TM73: Cross Poison pixelmon:tm8 73
Galarian TM66: Thunder Fang pixelmon:tm8 66
Galarian TM19: Safeguard pixelmon:tm8 19
Galarian TM17: Light Screen pixelmon:tm8 17
Galarian TM36: Whirlpool pixelmon:tm8 36
Galarian TM65: Shadow Claw pixelmon:tm8 65
Galarian TM91: Psychic Terrain pixelmon:tm8 91
Galarian TM39: Facade pixelmon:tm8 39
Galarian TM85: Snarl pixelmon:tm8 85
Galarian TM40: Swift pixelmon:tm8 40
Galarian TM00: Mega Punch pixelmon:tm8 0
Galarian TM48: Rock Tomb pixelmon:tm8 48
Galarian TM24: Snore pixelmon:tm8 24
Galarian TM13: Fire Spin pixelmon:tm8 13
Galarian TM30: Steel Wing pixelmon:tm8 30
Galarian TM45: Dive pixelmon:tm8 45
Galarian TM87: Draining Kiss pixelmon:tm8 87
Galarian TM38: Will-O-Wisp pixelmon:tm8 38
Galarian TM76: Round pixelmon:tm8 76
Galarian TM83: Razor Shell pixelmon:tm8 83
Galarian TM71: Wonder Room pixelmon:tm8 71
Galarian TM16: Screech pixelmon:tm8 16
Galarian TM58: Assurance pixelmon:tm8 58
Galarian TM22: Rock Slide pixelmon:tm8 22
Galarian TM78: Acrobatics pixelmon:tm8 78
Galarian TM25: Protect pixelmon:tm8 25
Galarian TM01: Mega Kick pixelmon:tm8 1
Galarian TM50: Bullet Seed pixelmon:tm8 50
Galarian TM90: Electric Terrain pixelmon:tm8 90
Galarian TM93: Eerie Impulse pixelmon:tm8 93
Galarian TM54: Rock Blast pixelmon:tm8 54
Galarian TM68: Fire Fang pixelmon:tm8 68
Galarian TM35: Hail pixelmon:tm8 35
Galarian TM70: Trick Room pixelmon:tm8 70
Galarian TM34: Sunny Day pixelmon:tm8 34
Galarian TM67: Ice Fang pixelmon:tm8 67
Galarian TM80: Volt Switch pixelmon:tm8 80
Galarian TM49: Sand Tomb pixelmon:tm8 49
Galarian TM27: Icy Wind pixelmon:tm8 27
Galarian TM69: Psycho Cut pixelmon:tm8 69
Galarian TM94: False Swipe pixelmon:tm8 94
Galarian TM97: Brutal Swing pixelmon:tm8 97
Blank Galarian TM pixelmon:tm8_blank
TR30: Encore pixelmon:tr8 30
TR43: Overheat pixelmon:tr8 43
TR34: Future Sight pixelmon:tr8 34
TR06: Blizzard pixelmon:tr8 6
TR89: Hurricane pixelmon:tr8 89
TR21: Reversal pixelmon:tr8 21
TR40: Skill Swap pixelmon:tr8 40
TR74: Iron Head pixelmon:tr8 74
TR19: Tri Attack pixelmon:tr8 19
TR24: Outrage pixelmon:tr8 24
TR85: Work Up pixelmon:tr8 85
TR28: Megahorn pixelmon:tr8 28
TR46: Iron Defense pixelmon:tr8 46
TR33: Shadow Ball pixelmon:tr8 33
TR44: Cosmic Power pixelmon:tr8 44
TR55: Flare Blitz pixelmon:tr8 55
TR99: Body Press pixelmon:tr8 99
TR32: Crunch pixelmon:tr8 32
TR20: Substitute pixelmon:tr8 20
TR58: Dark Pulse pixelmon:tr8 58
TR90: Play Rough pixelmon:tr8 90
TR69: Zen Headbutt pixelmon:tr8 69
TR78: Sludge Wave pixelmon:tr8 78
TR05: Ice Beam pixelmon:tr8 5
TR08: Thunderbolt pixelmon:tr8 8
TR52: Gyro Ball pixelmon:tr8 52
TR56: Aura Sphere pixelmon:tr8 56
TR77: Grass Knot pixelmon:tr8 77
TR96: Pollen Puff pixelmon:tr8 96
TR13: Focus Energy pixelmon:tr8 13
TR53: Close Combat pixelmon:tr8 53
TR57: Poison Jab pixelmon:tr8 57
TR75: Stone Edge pixelmon:tr8 75
TR15: Fire Blast pixelmon:tr8 15
TR18: Leech Life pixelmon:tr8 18
TR23: Spikes pixelmon:tr8 23
TR02: Flamethrower pixelmon:tr8 2
TR22: Sludge Bomb pixelmon:tr8 22
TR88: Heat Crash pixelmon:tr8 88
TR97: Psychic Fangs pixelmon:tr8 97
TR12: Agility pixelmon:tr8 12
TR41: Blaze Kick pixelmon:tr8 41
TR72: Power Whip pixelmon:tr8 72
TR94: High Horsepower pixelmon:tr8 94
TR11: Psychic pixelmon:tr8 11
TR04: Surf pixelmon:tr8 4
TR47: Dragon Claw pixelmon:tr8 47
TR66: Brave Bird pixelmon:tr8 66
TR10: Earthquake pixelmon:tr8 10
TR39: Superpower pixelmon:tr8 39
TR26: Endure pixelmon:tr8 26
TR80: Electro Ball pixelmon:tr8 80
TR82: Stored Power pixelmon:tr8 82
TR27: Sleep Talk pixelmon:tr8 27
TR49: Calm Mind pixelmon:tr8 49
TR68: Nasty Plot pixelmon:tr8 68
TR60: X-Scissor pixelmon:tr8 60
TR48: Bulk Up pixelmon:tr8 48
TR50: Leaf Blade pixelmon:tr8 50
TR31: Iron Tail pixelmon:tr8 31
TR25: Psyshock pixelmon:tr8 25
TR79: Heavy Slam pixelmon:tr8 79
TR61: Bug Buzz pixelmon:tr8 61
TR95: Throat Chop pixelmon:tr8 95
TR00: Swords Dance pixelmon:tr8 0
TR38: Trick pixelmon:tr8 38
TR59: Seed Bomb pixelmon:tr8 59
TR93: Darkest Lariat pixelmon:tr8 93
TR29: Baton Pass pixelmon:tr8 29
TR64: Focus Blast pixelmon:tr8 64
TR37: Taunt pixelmon:tr8 37
TR81: Foul Play pixelmon:tr8 81
TR67: Earth Power pixelmon:tr8 67
TR16: Waterfall pixelmon:tr8 16
TR36: Heat Wave pixelmon:tr8 36
TR63: Power Gem pixelmon:tr8 63
TR51: Dragon Dance pixelmon:tr8 51
TR86: Wild Charge pixelmon:tr8 86
TR92: Dazzling Gleam pixelmon:tr8 92
TR98: Liquidation pixelmon:tr8 98
TR62: Dragon Pulse pixelmon:tr8 62
TR84: Scald pixelmon:tr8 84
TR45: Muddy Water pixelmon:tr8 45
TR76: Stealth Rock pixelmon:tr8 76
TR54: Toxic Spikes pixelmon:tr8 54
TR35: Uproar pixelmon:tr8 35
TR71: Leaf Storm pixelmon:tr8 71
TR14: Metronome pixelmon:tr8 14
TR73: Gunk Shot pixelmon:tr8 73
TR83: Ally Switch pixelmon:tr8 83
TR09: Thunder pixelmon:tr8 9
TR91: Venom Drench pixelmon:tr8 91
TR65: Energy Ball pixelmon:tr8 65
TR17: Amnesia pixelmon:tr8 17
TR70: Flash Cannon pixelmon:tr8 70
TR42: Hyper Voice pixelmon:tr8 42
TR87: Drill Run pixelmon:tr8 87
TR01: Body Slam pixelmon:tr8 1
TR07: Low Kick pixelmon:tr8 7
TR03: Hydro Pump pixelmon:tr8 3
Blank TR pixelmon:tr8_blank
Air Mail pixelmon:pokemail_air
Bloom Mail pixelmon:pokemail_bloom
Brick Mail pixelmon:pokemail_brick
BridgeMail D pixelmon:pokemail_bridged
BridgeMail M pixelmon:pokemail_bridgem
BridgeMail S pixelmon:pokemail_bridges
BridgeMail V pixelmon:pokemail_bridgev
Bubble Mail pixelmon:pokemail_bubble
Dream Mail pixelmon:pokemail_dream
Fab Mail pixelmon:pokemail_fab
Favored Mail pixelmon:pokemail_favored
Flame Mail pixelmon:pokemail_flame
Glitter Mail pixelmon:pokemail_glitter
Grass Mail pixelmon:pokemail_grass
Greet Mail pixelmon:pokemail_greet
Heart Mail pixelmon:pokemail_heart
Inquiry Mail pixelmon:pokemail_inquiry
Like Mail pixelmon:pokemail_like
Mech Mail pixelmon:pokemail_mech
Mosaic Mail pixelmon:pokemail_mosaic
Orange Mail pixelmon:pokemail_orange
Reply Mail pixelmon:pokemail_reply
Retro Mail pixelmon:pokemail_retro
RSVP Mail pixelmon:pokemail_rsvp
Snow Mail pixelmon:pokemail_snow
Space Mail pixelmon:pokemail_space
Steel Mail pixelmon:pokemail_steel
Thanks Mail pixelmon:pokemail_thanks
Wave Mail pixelmon:pokemail_wave
Wood Mail pixelmon:pokemail_wood
Weak Normal Lure pixelmon:lure_normal_weak
Weak Fire Lure pixelmon:lure_fire_weak
Weak Water Lure pixelmon:lure_water_weak
Weak Electric Lure pixelmon:lure_electric_weak
Weak Grass Lure pixelmon:lure_grass_weak
Weak Ice Lure pixelmon:lure_ice_weak
Weak Fighting Lure pixelmon:lure_fighting_weak
Weak Poison Lure pixelmon:lure_poison_weak
Weak Ground Lure pixelmon:lure_ground_weak
Weak Flying Lure pixelmon:lure_flying_weak
Weak Psychic Lure pixelmon:lure_psychic_weak
Weak Bug Lure pixelmon:lure_bug_weak
Weak Rock Lure pixelmon:lure_rock_weak
Weak Ghost Lure pixelmon:lure_ghost_weak
Weak Dragon Lure pixelmon:lure_dragon_weak
Weak Dark Lure pixelmon:lure_dark_weak
Weak Steel Lure pixelmon:lure_steel_weak
Weak Fairy Lure pixelmon:lure_fairy_weak
Weak Shiny Lure pixelmon:lure_shiny_weak
Weak Hidden Ability Lure pixelmon:lure_ha_weak
Strong Normal Lure pixelmon:lure_normal_strong
Strong Fire Lure pixelmon:lure_fire_strong
Strong Water Lure pixelmon:lure_water_strong
Strong Electric Lure pixelmon:lure_electric_strong
Strong Grass Lure pixelmon:lure_grass_strong
Strong Ice Lure pixelmon:lure_ice_strong
Strong Fighting Lure pixelmon:lure_fighting_strong
Strong Poison Lure pixelmon:lure_poison_strong
Strong Ground Lure pixelmon:lure_ground_strong
Strong Flying Lure pixelmon:lure_flying_strong
Strong Psychic Lure pixelmon:lure_psychic_strong
Strong Bug Lure pixelmon:lure_bug_strong
Strong Rock Lure pixelmon:lure_rock_strong
Strong Ghost Lure pixelmon:lure_ghost_strong
Strong Dragon Lure pixelmon:lure_dragon_strong
Strong Dark Lure pixelmon:lure_dark_strong
Strong Steel Lure pixelmon:lure_steel_strong
Strong Fairy Lure pixelmon:lure_fairy_strong
Strong Shiny Lure pixelmon:lure_shiny_strong
Strong Hidden Ability Lure pixelmon:lure_ha_strong
Iron Lure Casing pixelmon:lure_casing_weak
Gold Lure Casing pixelmon:lure_casing_strong