Steel Type

Steel - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 93 Pokemon and 38 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0027Alolan SandshrewIceSteelField egg group
0028Alolan SandslashIceSteelField egg group
0050Alolan DiglettGroundSteelField egg group
0051Alolan DugtrioGroundSteelField egg group
0052Galarian MeowthSteelField egg group
0081MagnemiteElectricSteelMineral egg group
0082MagnetonElectricSteelMineral egg group
0205ForretressBugSteelBug egg group
0208SteelixSteelGroundMineral egg group
0208Mega SteelixSteelGround
0212ScizorBugSteelBug egg group
0212Mega ScizorBugSteel
0227SkarmorySteelFlyingFlying egg group
0303MawileSteelFairyField egg groupFairy egg group
0303Mega MawileSteelFairy
0304AronSteelRockMonster egg group
0305LaironSteelRockMonster egg group
0306AggronSteelRockMonster egg group
0306Mega AggronSteel
0374BeldumSteelPsychicMineral egg group
0375MetangSteelPsychicMineral egg group
0376MetagrossSteelPsychicMineral egg group
0376Mega MetagrossSteelPsychic
0379RegisteelSteelUndiscovered egg group
0385JirachiSteelPsychicUndiscovered egg group
0395EmpoleonWaterSteelWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0410ShieldonRockSteelMonster egg group
0411BastiodonRockSteelMonster egg group
0413Trash WormadamBugSteelBug egg group
0436BronzorSteelPsychicMineral egg group
0437BronzongSteelPsychicMineral egg group
0448LucarioFightingSteelField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0448Mega LucarioFightingSteel
0462MagnezoneElectricSteelMineral egg group
0476ProbopassRockSteelMineral egg group
0483DialgaSteelDragonUndiscovered egg group
0483Origin DialgaSteelDragonUndiscovered egg group
0485HeatranFireSteelUndiscovered egg group
0530ExcadrillGroundSteelField egg group
0589EscavalierBugSteelBug egg group
0597FerroseedGrassSteelGrass egg groupMineral egg group
0598FerrothornGrassSteelGrass egg groupMineral egg group
0599KlinkSteelMineral egg group
0600KlangSteelMineral egg group
0601KlinklangSteelMineral egg group
0618Galarian StunfiskGroundSteelWater 1 egg groupAmorphous egg group
0624PawniardDarkSteelHumanlike egg group
0625BisharpDarkSteelHumanlike egg group
0632DurantBugSteelBug egg group
0638CobalionSteelFightingUndiscovered egg group
0649GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Burn GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Chill GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Douse GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Shock GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0679HonedgeSteelGhostMineral egg group
0680DoubladeSteelGhostMineral egg group
0681AegislashSteelGhostMineral egg group
0681Blade AegislashSteelGhost
0705Hisuian SliggooDragonSteelDragon egg group
0706Hisuian GoodraSteelDragonDragon egg group
0707KlefkiSteelFairyMineral egg group
0777TogedemaruElectricSteelField egg groupFairy egg group
0791SolgaleoPsychicSteelUndiscovered egg group
0791Radiant Sun SolgaleoPsychicSteelUndiscovered egg group
0797CelesteelaSteelFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0798KartanaGrassSteelUndiscovered egg group
0800Dusk Mane NecrozmaPsychicSteelUndiscovered egg group
0801MagearnaSteelFairyUndiscovered egg group
0801Original Color MagearnaSteelFairyUndiscovered egg group
0805StakatakaRockSteelUndiscovered egg group
0808MeltanSteelUndiscovered egg group
0809MelmetalSteelUndiscovered egg group
0809Gigantamax MelmetalSteel
0823CorviknightFlyingSteelFlying egg group
0823Gigantamax CorviknightFlyingSteel
0863PerrserkerSteelField egg group
0878CufantSteelField egg groupMineral egg group
0879CopperajahSteelField egg groupMineral egg group
0879Gigantamax CopperajahSteel
0884DuraludonSteelDragonMineral egg groupDragon egg group
0884Gigantamax DuraludonSteelDragon
0888Crowned Sword ZacianFairySteel
0889Crowned Sword ZamazentaFightingSteel
0957TinkatinkFairySteelFairy egg group
0958TinkatuffFairySteelFairy egg group
0959TinkatonFairySteelFairy egg group
0965VaroomSteelPoisonMineral egg group
0966RevavroomSteelPoisonMineral egg group
0968OrthwormSteelField egg group
0983KingambitDarkSteelHumanlike egg group
0990Iron TreadsGroundSteelUndiscovered egg group
1000GholdengoSteelGhostUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Anchor Shot Steel PHYSICAL 80 100 20
Autotomize Steel STATUS 15
Behemoth Bash Steel PHYSICAL 100 100 5
Behemoth Blade Steel PHYSICAL 100 100 5
Bullet Punch Steel PHYSICAL 40 100 30
Doom Desire Steel SPECIAL 140 100 5
Double Iron Bash Steel PHYSICAL 60 100 5
Flash Cannon Steel SPECIAL 80 100 10
Gear Grind Steel PHYSICAL 50 85 15
Gear Up Steel STATUS 20
Gigaton Hammer Steel PHYSICAL 160 100 5
Gyro Ball Steel PHYSICAL 100 5
Heavy Slam Steel PHYSICAL 100 10
Iron Defense Steel STATUS 15
Iron Head Steel PHYSICAL 80 100 15
Iron Tail Steel PHYSICAL 100 75 15
Kings Shield Steel STATUS 10
Magnet Bomb Steel PHYSICAL 60 20
Make It Rain Steel SPECIAL 120 100 5
Metal Burst Steel PHYSICAL 100 10
Metal Claw Steel PHYSICAL 50 95 35
Metal Sound Steel STATUS 85 40
Meteor Mash Steel PHYSICAL 90 90 10
Mirror Shot Steel SPECIAL 65 85 10
Shelter Steel STATUS 10
Ancient Shelter Steel STATUS 10
Shift Gear Steel STATUS 10
Smart Strike Steel PHYSICAL 70 10
Spin Out Steel PHYSICAL 100 100 5
Steel Beam Steel SPECIAL 140 95 5
Steel Roller Steel PHYSICAL 130 100 5
Steel Wing Steel PHYSICAL 70 90 25
Sunsteel Strike Steel PHYSICAL 100 100 5
G-Max Meltdown Steel 10
G-Max Steelsurge Steel 10
Max Steelspike Steel 10
Corkscrew Crash Steel -1 1
Searing Sunraze Smash Steel PHYSICAL 200 1