Ghost Type

Ghost - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 88 Pokemon and 35 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0092GastlyGhostPoisonAmorphous egg group
0093HaunterGhostPoisonAmorphous egg group
0094GengarGhostPoisonAmorphous egg group
0094Mega GengarGhostPoison
0094Gigantamax GengarGhostPoison
0105Alolan MarowakFireGhostMonster egg group
0157Hisuian TyphlosionFireGhostField egg group
0200MisdreavusGhostAmorphous egg group
0222Galarian CorsolaGhostWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0292ShedinjaBugGhostMineral egg group
0302SableyeDarkGhostHumanlike egg group
0302Mega SableyeDarkGhost
0353ShuppetGhostAmorphous egg group
0354BanetteGhostAmorphous egg group
0354Mega BanetteGhost
0355DuskullGhostAmorphous egg group
0356DusclopsGhostAmorphous egg group
0425DrifloonGhostFlyingAmorphous egg group
0426DrifblimGhostFlyingAmorphous egg group
0429MismagiusGhostAmorphous egg group
0442SpiritombGhostDarkAmorphous egg group
0477DusknoirGhostAmorphous egg group
0478FroslassIceGhostFairy egg groupMineral egg group
0479RotomElectricGhostAmorphous egg group
0487GiratinaGhostDragonUndiscovered egg group
0487Origin GiratinaGhostDragonUndiscovered egg group
0562YamaskGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0562Galarian YamaskGroundGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0563CofagrigusGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0570Hisuian ZoruaNormalGhostField egg group
0571Hisuian ZoroarkNormalGhostField egg group
0592FrillishWaterGhostAmorphous egg group
0593JellicentWaterGhostAmorphous egg group
0607LitwickGhostFireAmorphous egg group
0608LampentGhostFireAmorphous egg group
0609ChandelureGhostFireAmorphous egg group
0622GolettGroundGhostMineral egg group
0623GolurkGroundGhostMineral egg group
0679HonedgeSteelGhostMineral egg group
0680DoubladeSteelGhostMineral egg group
0681AegislashSteelGhostMineral egg group
0681Blade AegislashSteelGhost
0708PhantumpGhostGrassGrass egg groupAmorphous egg group
0709TrevenantGhostGrassGrass egg groupAmorphous egg group
0710PumpkabooGhostGrassAmorphous egg group
0711GourgeistGhostGrassAmorphous egg group
0720HoopaPsychicGhostUndiscovered egg group
0724DecidueyeGrassGhostFlying egg group
0741Sensu OricorioGhostFlyingFlying egg group
0769SandygastGhostGroundAmorphous egg group
0770PalossandGhostGroundAmorphous egg group
0778MimikyuGhostFairyAmorphous egg group
0778Busted MimikyuGhostFairy
0781DhelmiseGhostGrassMineral egg group
0792LunalaPsychicGhostUndiscovered egg group
0792Full Moon LunalaPsychicGhostUndiscovered egg group
0800Dawn Wings NecrozmaPsychicGhostUndiscovered egg group
0802MarshadowFightingGhostUndiscovered egg group
0802Zenith MarshadowFightingGhostUndiscovered egg group
0806BlacephalonFireGhostUndiscovered egg group
0854Phony SinisteaGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0854SinisteaGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0855Phony PolteageistGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0855PolteageistGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0864CursolaGhostWater 1 egg groupWater 3 egg group
0867RunerigusGroundGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
0885DreepyDragonGhostAmorphous egg groupDragon egg group
0886DrakloakDragonGhostAmorphous egg groupDragon egg group
0887DragapultDragonGhostAmorphous egg groupDragon egg group
0897SpectrierGhostUndiscovered egg group
0898Shadow Rider CalyrexPsychicGhostUndiscovered egg group
0902BasculegionWaterGhostWater 2 egg group
0902Female BasculegionWaterGhostWater 2 egg group
0911SkeledirgeFireGhostField egg group
0937CeruledgeFireGhostHumanlike egg group
0946BramblinGrassGhostGrass egg group
0947BrambleghastGrassGhostGrass egg group
0971GreavardGhostField egg group
0972HoundstoneGhostField egg group
0979AnnihilapeFightingGhostField egg group
0987Flutter ManeGhostFairyUndiscovered egg group
0999GimmighoulGhostUndiscovered egg group
0999Roaming GimmighoulGhostUndiscovered egg group
1000GholdengoSteelGhostUndiscovered egg group
1012Counterfeit PoltchageistGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1012PoltchageistGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1013Unremarkable SinistchaGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group
1013SinistchaGrassGhostMineral egg groupAmorphous egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Astonish Ghost PHYSICAL 30 100 15
Astral Barrage Ghost SPECIAL 120 100 5
Bitter Malice Ghost SPECIAL 60 100 15
Confuse Ray Ghost STATUS 100 10
Curse Ghost STATUS 10
Destiny Bond Ghost STATUS 5
Grudge Ghost STATUS 5
Hex Ghost SPECIAL 65 100 10
Infernal Parade Ghost SPECIAL 60 100 15
Last Respects Ghost PHYSICAL 50 100 10
Lick Ghost PHYSICAL 30 100 30
Moongeist Beam Ghost SPECIAL 100 100 5
Night Shade Ghost SPECIAL 100 15
Nightmare Ghost STATUS 100 15
Ominous Wind Ghost SPECIAL 60 100 5
Phantom Force Ghost PHYSICAL 90 100 10
Poltergeist Ghost PHYSICAL 110 90 5
Rage Fist Ghost PHYSICAL 50 100 10
Shadow Ball Ghost SPECIAL 80 100 15
Shadow Bone Ghost PHYSICAL 85 100 10
Shadow Claw Ghost PHYSICAL 70 100 15
Shadow Force Ghost PHYSICAL 120 100 5
Ancient Shadow Force Ghost PHYSICAL 120 100 5
Shadow Punch Ghost PHYSICAL 60 20
Shadow Sneak Ghost PHYSICAL 40 100 30
Spectral Thief Ghost PHYSICAL 90 100 10
Spirit Shackle Ghost PHYSICAL 80 100 10
Spite Ghost STATUS 100 10
Trick-or-Treat Ghost STATUS 100 20
G-Max Terror Ghost 10
Max Phantasm Ghost 10
Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom Ghost SPECIAL 200 1
Never-Ending Nightmare Ghost -1 1
Sinister Arrow Raid Ghost PHYSICAL 180 1
Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Ghost PHYSICAL 195 1