Ice Type

Ice - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 66 Pokemon and 32 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0027Alolan SandshrewIceSteelField egg group
0028Alolan SandslashIceSteelField egg group
0037Alolan VulpixIceField egg group
0038Alolan NinetalesIceFairyField egg group
0087DewgongWaterIceWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0091CloysterWaterIceWater 3 egg group
0122Galarian Mr. MimeIcePsychicHumanlike egg group
0124JynxIcePsychicHumanlike egg group
0131LaprasWaterIceMonster egg groupWater 1 egg group
0131Gigantamax LaprasWaterIce
0144ArticunoIceFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0215SneaselDarkIceField egg group
0220SwinubIceGroundField egg group
0221PiloswineIceGroundField egg group
0225DelibirdIceFlyingWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0238SmoochumIcePsychicUndiscovered egg group
0351Ice CastformIceFairy egg groupAmorphous egg group
0361SnoruntIceFairy egg groupMineral egg group
0362GlalieIceFairy egg groupMineral egg group
0362Mega GlalieIce
0363SphealIceWaterWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0364SealeoIceWaterWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0365WalreinIceWaterWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0378RegiceIceUndiscovered egg group
0459SnoverGrassIceMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0460AbomasnowGrassIceMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0460Mega AbomasnowGrassIce
0461WeavileDarkIceField egg group
0471GlaceonIceField egg group
0473MamoswineIceGroundField egg group
0478FroslassIceGhostFairy egg groupMineral egg group
0479Frost RotomElectricIceAmorphous egg group
0554Galarian DarumakaIceField egg group
0555Galarian DarmanitanIceField egg group
0555Galarian Zen Mode DarmanitanIceFire
0582VanilliteIceMineral egg group
0583VanillishIceMineral egg group
0584VanilluxeIceMineral egg group
0613CubchooIceField egg group
0614BearticIceField egg group
0615CryogonalIceMineral egg group
0646KyuremDragonIceUndiscovered egg group
0646Black KyuremDragonIceUndiscovered egg group
0646White KyuremDragonIceUndiscovered egg group
0698AmauraRockIceMonster egg group
0699AurorusRockIceMonster egg group
0712BergmiteIceMonster egg groupMineral egg group
0713AvaluggIceMonster egg groupMineral egg group
0713Hisuian AvaluggIceRockMineral egg groupMonster egg group
0740CrabominableFightingIceWater 3 egg group
0866Mr. RimeIcePsychicHumanlike egg group
0872SnomIceBugBug egg group
0873FrosmothIceBugBug egg group
0875EiscueIceWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0875Noice Face EiscueIce
0881ArctozoltElectricIceUndiscovered egg group
0883ArctovishWaterIceUndiscovered egg group
0896GlastrierIceUndiscovered egg group
0898Ice Rider CalyrexPsychicIceUndiscovered egg group
0974CetoddleIceField egg group
0975CetitanIceField egg group
0991Iron BundleIceWaterUndiscovered egg group
0996FrigibaxDragonIceDragon egg groupMineral egg group
0997ArctibaxDragonIceDragon egg groupMineral egg group
0998BaxcaliburDragonIceDragon egg groupMineral egg group
1002Chien-PaoDarkIceUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Aurora Beam Ice SPECIAL 65 100 20
Aurora Veil Ice STATUS 20
Avalanche Ice PHYSICAL 60 100 10
Blizzard Ice SPECIAL 110 70 5
Chilly Reception Ice STATUS 10
Freeze-Dry Ice SPECIAL 70 100 20
Freeze Shock Ice PHYSICAL 140 90 5
Frost Breath Ice SPECIAL 60 90 10
Glacial Lance Ice PHYSICAL 130 100 5
Glaciate Ice SPECIAL 65 95 10
Hail Ice STATUS 10
Haze Ice STATUS 30
Ice Ball Ice PHYSICAL 30 90 20
Ice Beam Ice SPECIAL 90 100 10
Ice Burn Ice SPECIAL 140 90 5
Ice Fang Ice PHYSICAL 65 95 15
Ice Hammer Ice PHYSICAL 100 90 10
Ice Punch Ice PHYSICAL 75 100 15
Ice Shard Ice PHYSICAL 40 100 30
Ice Spinner Ice PHYSICAL 80 100 15
Icicle Crash Ice PHYSICAL 85 90 10
Icicle Spear Ice PHYSICAL 25 100 30
Icy Wind Ice SPECIAL 55 95 15
Mist Ice STATUS 30
Mountain Gale Ice PHYSICAL 100 85 5
Powder Snow Ice SPECIAL 40 100 25
Sheer Cold Ice SPECIAL 5
Snowscape Ice STATUS 10
Triple Axel Ice PHYSICAL 20 90 10
G-Max Resonance Ice 10
Max Hailstorm Ice 10
Subzero Slammer Ice -1 1