Bug Type

Bug - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 107 Pokemon and 34 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0010CaterpieBugBug egg group
0011MetapodBugBug egg group
0012ButterfreeBugFlyingBug egg group
0012Gigantamax ButterfreeBugFlying
0013WeedleBugPoisonBug egg group
0014KakunaBugPoisonBug egg group
0015BeedrillBugPoisonBug egg group
0015Mega BeedrillBugPoison
0046ParasBugGrassBug egg groupGrass egg group
0047ParasectBugGrassBug egg groupGrass egg group
0048VenonatBugPoisonBug egg group
0049VenomothBugPoisonBug egg group
0123ScytherBugFlyingBug egg group
0127PinsirBugBug egg group
0127Mega PinsirBugFlying
0165LedybaBugFlyingBug egg group
0166LedianBugFlyingBug egg group
0167SpinarakBugPoisonBug egg group
0168AriadosBugPoisonBug egg group
0193YanmaBugFlyingBug egg group
0204PinecoBugBug egg group
0205ForretressBugSteelBug egg group
0212ScizorBugSteelBug egg group
0212Mega ScizorBugSteel
0213ShuckleBugRockBug egg group
0214HeracrossBugFightingBug egg group
0214Mega HeracrossBugFighting
0265WurmpleBugBug egg group
0266SilcoonBugBug egg group
0267BeautiflyBugFlyingBug egg group
0268CascoonBugBug egg group
0269DustoxBugPoisonBug egg group
0283SurskitBugWaterWater 1 egg groupBug egg group
0284MasquerainBugFlyingWater 1 egg groupBug egg group
0290NincadaBugGroundBug egg group
0291NinjaskBugFlyingBug egg group
0292ShedinjaBugGhostMineral egg group
0313VolbeatBugBug egg groupHumanlike egg group
0314IllumiseBugBug egg groupHumanlike egg group
0347AnorithRockBugWater 3 egg group
0348ArmaldoRockBugWater 3 egg group
0401KricketotBugBug egg group
0402KricketuneBugBug egg group
0412BurmyBugBug egg group
0412Sandy BurmyBugBug egg group
0412Trash BurmyBugBug egg group
0413WormadamBugGrassBug egg group
0413Sandy WormadamBugGroundBug egg group
0413Trash WormadamBugSteelBug egg group
0414MothimBugFlyingBug egg group
0415CombeeBugFlyingBug egg group
0416VespiquenBugFlyingBug egg group
0451SkorupiPoisonBugBug egg groupWater 3 egg group
0469YanmegaBugFlyingBug egg group
0540SewaddleBugGrassBug egg group
0541SwadloonBugGrassBug egg group
0542LeavannyBugGrassBug egg group
0543VenipedeBugPoisonBug egg group
0544WhirlipedeBugPoisonBug egg group
0545ScolipedeBugPoisonBug egg group
0557DwebbleBugRockBug egg groupMineral egg group
0558CrustleBugRockBug egg groupMineral egg group
0588KarrablastBugBug egg group
0589EscavalierBugSteelBug egg group
0595JoltikBugElectricBug egg group
0596GalvantulaBugElectricBug egg group
0616ShelmetBugBug egg group
0617AccelgorBugBug egg group
0632DurantBugSteelBug egg group
0636LarvestaBugFireBug egg group
0637VolcaronaBugFireBug egg group
0649GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Burn GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Chill GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Douse GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0649Shock GenesectBugSteelUndiscovered egg group
0664ScatterbugBugBug egg group
0665SpewpaBugBug egg group
0666VivillonBugFlyingBug egg group
0736GrubbinBugBug egg group
0737CharjabugBugElectricBug egg group
0738VikavoltBugElectricBug egg group
0742CutieflyBugFairyBug egg groupFairy egg group
0743RibombeeBugFairyBug egg groupFairy egg group
0751DewpiderWaterBugWater 1 egg groupBug egg group
0752AraquanidWaterBugWater 1 egg groupBug egg group
0767WimpodBugWaterBug egg groupWater 3 egg group
0768GolisopodBugWaterBug egg groupWater 3 egg group
0794BuzzwoleBugFightingUndiscovered egg group
0795PheromosaBugFightingUndiscovered egg group
0824BlipbugBugBug egg group
0825DottlerBugPsychicBug egg group
0826OrbeetleBugPsychicBug egg group
0826Gigantamax OrbeetleBugPsychic
0850SizzlipedeFireBugBug egg group
0851CentiskorchFireBugBug egg group
0851Gigantamax CentiskorchFireBug
0872SnomIceBugBug egg group
0873FrosmothIceBugBug egg group
0900KleavorBugRockBug egg group
0917TarountulaBugBug egg group
0918SpidopsBugBug egg group
0919NymbleBugBug egg group
0920LokixBugDarkBug egg group
0953RellorBugBug egg group
0954RabscaBugPsychicBug egg group
0988Slither WingBugFightingUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Attack Order Bug PHYSICAL 90 100 15
Bug Bite Bug PHYSICAL 60 100 20
Bug Buzz Bug SPECIAL 90 100 10
Defend Order Bug STATUS 10
Fell Stinger Bug PHYSICAL 50 100 25
First Impression Bug PHYSICAL 90 100 10
Fury Cutter Bug PHYSICAL 40 95 20
Heal Order Bug STATUS 10
Infestation Bug SPECIAL 20 100 20
Leech Life Bug PHYSICAL 80 100 10
Lunge Bug PHYSICAL 80 100 15
Megahorn Bug PHYSICAL 120 85 10
Pin Missile Bug PHYSICAL 25 95 20
Pollen Puff Bug SPECIAL 90 100 15
Pounce Bug PHYSICAL 50 100 20
Powder Bug STATUS 100 20
Quiver Dance Bug STATUS 20
Rage Powder Bug STATUS 20
Signal Beam Bug SPECIAL 75 100 15
Silk Trap Bug STATUS 10
Silver Wind Bug SPECIAL 60 100 5
Skitter Smack Bug PHYSICAL 70 90 10
Spider Web Bug STATUS 10
Steamroller Bug PHYSICAL 65 100 20
Sticky Web Bug STATUS -2 20
String Shot Bug STATUS 95 30
Struggle Bug Bug SPECIAL 50 100 20
Tail Glow Bug STATUS 20
Twineedle Bug PHYSICAL 25 100 20
U-turn Bug PHYSICAL 70 100 20
X-Scissor Bug PHYSICAL 80 100 15
G-Max Befuddle Bug 10
Max Flutterby Bug 10
Savage Spin-Out Bug -1 1