Fairy Type

Fairy - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 81 Pokemon and 31 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0035ClefairyFairyFairy egg group
0036ClefableFairyFairy egg group
0038Alolan NinetalesIceFairyField egg group
0039JigglypuffNormalFairyFairy egg group
0040WigglytuffNormalFairyFairy egg group
0078Galarian RapidashPsychicFairyField egg group
0110Galarian WeezingPoisonFairyAmorphous egg group
0122Mr. MimePsychicFairyHumanlike egg group
0173CleffaFairyUndiscovered egg group
0174IgglybuffNormalFairyUndiscovered egg group
0175TogepiFairyUndiscovered egg group
0176TogeticFairyFlyingFlying egg groupFairy egg group
0183MarillWaterFairyWater 1 egg groupFairy egg group
0184AzumarillWaterFairyWater 1 egg groupFairy egg group
0209SnubbullFairyField egg groupFairy egg group
0210GranbullFairyField egg groupFairy egg group
0280RaltsPsychicFairyAmorphous egg groupHumanlike egg group
0281KirliaPsychicFairyAmorphous egg groupHumanlike egg group
0282GardevoirPsychicFairyAmorphous egg groupHumanlike egg group
0282Mega GardevoirPsychicFairy
0298AzurillNormalFairyUndiscovered egg group
0303MawileSteelFairyField egg groupFairy egg group
0303Mega MawileSteelFairy
0334Mega AltariaDragonFairy
0439Mime Jr.PsychicFairyUndiscovered egg group
0468TogekissFairyFlyingFlying egg groupFairy egg group
0531Mega AudinoNormalFairy
0546CottoneeGrassFairyGrass egg groupFairy egg group
0547WhimsicottGrassFairyGrass egg groupFairy egg group
0669FlabebeFairyFairy egg group
0670FloetteFairyFairy egg group
0670AZ FloetteFairyUndiscovered egg group
0671FlorgesFairyFairy egg group
0682SpritzeeFairyFairy egg group
0683AromatisseFairyFairy egg group
0684SwirlixFairyFairy egg group
0685SlurpuffFairyFairy egg group
0700SylveonFairyField egg group
0702DedenneElectricFairyField egg groupFairy egg group
0703CarbinkRockFairyFairy egg groupMineral egg group
0707KlefkiSteelFairyMineral egg group
0716Neutral XerneasFairyUndiscovered egg group
0716XerneasFairyUndiscovered egg group
0719DiancieRockFairyUndiscovered egg group
0719Mega DiancieRockFairy
0730PrimarinaWaterFairyWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0742CutieflyBugFairyBug egg groupFairy egg group
0743RibombeeBugFairyBug egg groupFairy egg group
0755MorelullGrassFairyGrass egg group
0756ShiinoticGrassFairyGrass egg group
0764ComfeyFairyGrass egg group
0778MimikyuGhostFairyAmorphous egg group
0778Busted MimikyuGhostFairy
0785Tapu KokoElectricFairyUndiscovered egg group
0786Tapu LelePsychicFairyUndiscovered egg group
0787Tapu BuluGrassFairyUndiscovered egg group
0788Tapu FiniWaterFairyUndiscovered egg group
0801MagearnaSteelFairyUndiscovered egg group
0801Original Color MagearnaSteelFairyUndiscovered egg group
0858HatterenePsychicFairyFairy egg group
0858Gigantamax HatterenePsychicFairy
0859ImpidimpDarkFairyFairy egg groupHumanlike egg group
0860MorgremDarkFairyFairy egg groupHumanlike egg group
0861GrimmsnarlDarkFairyFairy egg groupHumanlike egg group
0861Gigantamax GrimmsnarlDarkFairy
0868MilceryFairyFairy egg groupAmorphous egg group
0869AlcremieFairyFairy egg groupAmorphous egg group
0869Gigantamax AlcremieFairy
0888ZacianFairyUndiscovered egg group
0888Crowned Sword ZacianFairySteel
0905EnamorusFairyFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0905Therian EnamorusFairyFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0926FidoughFairyField egg groupMineral egg group
0927DachsbunFairyField egg groupMineral egg group
0957TinkatinkFairySteelFairy egg group
0958TinkatuffFairySteelFairy egg group
0959TinkatonFairySteelFairy egg group
0985Scream TailFairyPsychicUndiscovered egg group
0987Flutter ManeGhostFairyUndiscovered egg group
1006Iron ValiantFairyFightingUndiscovered egg group
1016FezandipitiPoisonFairyUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Aromatic Mist Fairy STATUS 20
Baby-Doll Eyes Fairy STATUS 100 30
Charm Fairy STATUS 100 20
Crafty Shield Fairy STATUS 10
Dazzling Gleam Fairy SPECIAL 80 100 10
Decorate Fairy STATUS 10
Disarming Voice Fairy SPECIAL 40 15
Draining Kiss Fairy SPECIAL 50 100 10
Fairy Lock Fairy STATUS 10
Fairy Wind Fairy SPECIAL 40 100 30
Fleur Cannon Fairy SPECIAL 130 90 5
Floral Healing Fairy STATUS 10
Flower Shield Fairy STATUS 10
Geomancy Fairy STATUS 10
Light of Ruin Fairy SPECIAL 140 90 5
Misty Explosion Fairy SPECIAL 100 100 5
Misty Terrain Fairy STATUS 10
Moonblast Fairy SPECIAL 95 100 15
Moonlight Fairy STATUS 5
Natures Madness Fairy SPECIAL 90 10
Play Rough Fairy PHYSICAL 90 90 10
Spirit Break Fairy PHYSICAL 75 100 15
Springtide Storm Fairy SPECIAL 95 80 5
Strange Steam Fairy SPECIAL 90 95 10
Sweet Kiss Fairy STATUS 75 10
G-Max Finale Fairy 10
G-Max Smite Fairy 10
Max Starfall Fairy 10
Guardian of Alola Fairy SPECIAL 1
Lets Snuggle Forever Fairy PHYSICAL 190 1
Twinkle Tackle Fairy -1 1