Poison Type

Poison - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 99 Pokemon and 34 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0001BulbasaurGrassPoisonMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0002IvysaurGrassPoisonMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0003VenusaurGrassPoisonMonster egg groupGrass egg group
0003Mega VenusaurGrassPoison
0003Gigantamax VenusaurGrassPoison
0013WeedleBugPoisonBug egg group
0014KakunaBugPoisonBug egg group
0015BeedrillBugPoisonBug egg group
0015Mega BeedrillBugPoison
0023EkansPoisonField egg groupDragon egg group
0024ArbokPoisonField egg groupDragon egg group
0029Nidoran FemalePoisonMonster egg groupField egg group
0030NidorinaPoisonUndiscovered egg group
0031NidoqueenPoisonGroundUndiscovered egg group
0032Nidoran MalePoisonMonster egg groupField egg group
0033NidorinoPoisonMonster egg groupField egg group
0034NidokingPoisonGroundMonster egg groupField egg group
0041ZubatPoisonFlyingFlying egg group
0042GolbatPoisonFlyingFlying egg group
0043OddishGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0044GloomGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0045VileplumeGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0048VenonatBugPoisonBug egg group
0049VenomothBugPoisonBug egg group
0069BellsproutGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0070WeepinbellGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0071VictreebelGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0072TentacoolWaterPoisonWater 3 egg group
0073TentacruelWaterPoisonWater 3 egg group
0080Galarian SlowbroPoisonPsychicMonster egg groupWater 1 egg group
0088GrimerPoisonAmorphous egg group
0088Alolan GrimerPoisonDarkAmorphous egg group
0089MukPoisonAmorphous egg group
0089Alolan MukPoisonDarkAmorphous egg group
0092GastlyGhostPoisonAmorphous egg group
0093HaunterGhostPoisonAmorphous egg group
0094GengarGhostPoisonAmorphous egg group
0094Mega GengarGhostPoison
0094Gigantamax GengarGhostPoison
0109KoffingPoisonAmorphous egg group
0110WeezingPoisonAmorphous egg group
0110Galarian WeezingPoisonFairyAmorphous egg group
0167SpinarakBugPoisonBug egg group
0168AriadosBugPoisonBug egg group
0169CrobatPoisonFlyingFlying egg group
0194Paldean WooperPoisonGroundWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0199Galarian SlowkingPoisonPsychicMonster egg groupWater 1 egg group
0211QwilfishWaterPoisonWater 2 egg group
0211Hisuian QwilfishDarkPoisonWater 2 egg group
0215Hisuian SneaselPoisonFightingField egg group
0269DustoxBugPoisonBug egg group
0315RoseliaGrassPoisonFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0316GulpinPoisonAmorphous egg group
0317SwalotPoisonAmorphous egg group
0336SeviperPoisonField egg groupDragon egg group
0406BudewGrassPoisonUndiscovered egg group
0407RoseradeGrassPoisonFairy egg groupGrass egg group
0434StunkyPoisonDarkField egg group
0435SkuntankPoisonDarkField egg group
0451SkorupiPoisonBugBug egg groupWater 3 egg group
0452DrapionPoisonDarkBug egg groupWater 3 egg group
0453CroagunkPoisonFightingHumanlike egg group
0454ToxicroakPoisonFightingHumanlike egg group
0543VenipedeBugPoisonBug egg group
0544WhirlipedeBugPoisonBug egg group
0545ScolipedeBugPoisonBug egg group
0568TrubbishPoisonMineral egg group
0569GarbodorPoisonMineral egg group
0569Gigantamax GarbodorPoison
0590FoongusGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0591AmoongussGrassPoisonGrass egg group
0690SkrelpPoisonWaterWater 1 egg groupDragon egg group
0691DragalgePoisonDragonWater 1 egg groupDragon egg group
0747MareaniePoisonWaterWater 1 egg group
0748ToxapexPoisonWaterWater 1 egg group
0757SalanditPoisonFireMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0758SalazzlePoisonFireMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0793NihilegoRockPoisonUndiscovered egg group
0803PoipolePoisonUndiscovered egg group
0804NaganadelPoisonDragonUndiscovered egg group
0848ToxelElectricPoisonUndiscovered egg group
0849Amped ToxtricityElectricPoisonHumanlike egg group
0849ToxtricityElectricPoisonHumanlike egg group
0849Gigantamax ToxtricityElectricPoison
0890EternatusPoisonDragonUndiscovered egg group
0890True Eternamax EternatusPoisonDragonUndiscovered egg group
0903SneaslerFightingPoisonField egg group
0904OverqwilDarkPoisonWater 2 egg group
0944ShroodlePoisonNormalField egg group
0945GrafaiaiPoisonNormalField egg group
0965VaroomSteelPoisonMineral egg group
0966RevavroomSteelPoisonMineral egg group
0969GlimmetRockPoisonMineral egg group
0970GlimmoraRockPoisonMineral egg group
0980ClodsirePoisonGroundWater 1 egg groupField egg group
0994Iron MothFirePoisonUndiscovered egg group
1014OkidogiPoisonFightingUndiscovered egg group
1015MunkidoriPoisonPsychicUndiscovered egg group
1016FezandipitiPoisonFairyUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Acid Poison SPECIAL 40 100 30
Acid Armor Poison STATUS 20
Acid Spray Poison SPECIAL 40 100 20
Baneful Bunker Poison STATUS 10
Barb Barrage Poison PHYSICAL 60 100 15
Belch Poison SPECIAL 120 90 10
Clear Smog Poison SPECIAL 50 15
Coil Poison STATUS 20
Corrosive Gas Poison STATUS 100 40
Cross Poison Poison PHYSICAL 70 100 20
Dire Claw Poison PHYSICAL 60 100 15
Gastro Acid Poison STATUS 100 10
Gunk Shot Poison PHYSICAL 120 80 5
Mortal Spin Poison PHYSICAL 30 100 15
Poison Fang Poison PHYSICAL 50 100 15
Poison Gas Poison STATUS 90 40
Poison Jab Poison PHYSICAL 80 100 20
Poison Powder Poison STATUS 75 35
Poison Sting Poison PHYSICAL 15 100 35
Poison Tail Poison PHYSICAL 50 100 25
Purify Poison STATUS 20
Shell Side Arm Poison SPECIAL 90 100 10
Sludge Poison SPECIAL 65 100 20
Sludge Bomb Poison SPECIAL 90 100 10
Sludge Wave Poison SPECIAL 95 100 10
Smog Poison SPECIAL 30 70 20
Toxic Poison STATUS 90 10
Toxic Spikes Poison STATUS -2 20
Toxic Thread Poison STATUS -1 100 20
Venom Drench Poison STATUS 100 20
Venoshock Poison SPECIAL 65 100 15
G-Max Malodor Poison 10
Max Ooze Poison 10
Acid Downpour Poison -1 1