Fire Type

Fire - is one of 18 types in the Pixelmon mod.

There are currently 100 Pokemon and 45 moves of this type.


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Type efficiency



IDPokemonType 1Type 2Egg Group 1Egg Group 2
0004CharmanderFireMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0005CharmeleonFireMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0006CharizardFireFlyingMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0006Mega X CharizardFireDragon
0006Mega Y CharizardFireFlying
0006Gigantamax CharizardFireFlying
0037VulpixFireField egg group
0038NinetalesFireField egg group
0058GrowlitheFireField egg group
0058Hisuian GrowlitheFireRockField egg group
0059ArcanineFireField egg group
0059Hisuian ArcanineFireRockField egg group
0077PonytaFireField egg group
0078RapidashFireField egg group
0105Alolan MarowakFireGhostMonster egg group
0126MagmarFireHumanlike egg group
0128Paldean Blaze Breed TaurosFightingFireField egg group
0136FlareonFireField egg group
0146MoltresFireFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0155CyndaquilFireField egg group
0156QuilavaFireField egg group
0157TyphlosionFireField egg group
0157Hisuian TyphlosionFireGhostField egg group
0218SlugmaFireAmorphous egg group
0219MagcargoFireRockAmorphous egg group
0228HoundourDarkFireField egg group
0229HoundoomDarkFireField egg group
0229Mega HoundoomDarkFire
0240MagbyFireUndiscovered egg group
0244EnteiFireUndiscovered egg group
0250Ho-OhFireFlyingUndiscovered egg group
0255TorchicFireField egg group
0256CombuskenFireFightingField egg group
0257BlazikenFireFightingField egg group
0257Mega BlazikenFireFighting
0322NumelFireGroundField egg group
0323CameruptFireGroundField egg group
0323Mega CameruptFireGround
0324TorkoalFireField egg group
0351Sun CastformFireFairy egg groupAmorphous egg group
0383Primal GroudonGroundFire
0390ChimcharFireField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0391MonfernoFireFightingField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0392InfernapeFireFightingField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0467MagmortarFireHumanlike egg group
0479Heat RotomElectricFireAmorphous egg group
0485HeatranFireSteelUndiscovered egg group
0494VictiniPsychicFireUndiscovered egg group
0498TepigFireField egg group
0499PigniteFireFightingField egg group
0500EmboarFireFightingField egg group
0513PansearFireField egg group
0514SimisearFireField egg group
0554DarumakaFireField egg group
0555DarmanitanFireField egg group
0555Zen Mode DarmanitanFirePsychic
0555Galarian Zen Mode DarmanitanIceFire
0607LitwickGhostFireAmorphous egg group
0608LampentGhostFireAmorphous egg group
0609ChandelureGhostFireAmorphous egg group
0631HeatmorFireField egg group
0636LarvestaBugFireBug egg group
0637VolcaronaBugFireBug egg group
0643ReshiramDragonFireUndiscovered egg group
0653FennekinFireField egg group
0654BraixenFireField egg group
0655DelphoxFirePsychicField egg group
0662FletchinderFireFlyingFlying egg group
0663TalonflameFireFlyingFlying egg group
0667LitleoFireNormalField egg group
0668PyroarFireNormalField egg group
0721VolcanionFireWaterUndiscovered egg group
0725LittenFireField egg group
0726TorracatFireField egg group
0727IncineroarFireDarkField egg group
0741OricorioFireFlyingFlying egg group
0757SalanditPoisonFireMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0758SalazzlePoisonFireMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0776TurtonatorFireDragonMonster egg groupDragon egg group
0806BlacephalonFireGhostUndiscovered egg group
0813ScorbunnyFireField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0814RabootFireField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0815CinderaceFireField egg groupHumanlike egg group
0815Gigantamax CinderaceFire
0838CarkolRockFireMineral egg group
0839CoalossalRockFireMineral egg group
0839Gigantamax CoalossalRockFire
0850SizzlipedeFireBugBug egg group
0851CentiskorchFireBugBug egg group
0851Gigantamax CentiskorchFireBug
0909FuecocoFireField egg group
0910CrocalorFireField egg group
0911SkeledirgeFireGhostField egg group
0935CharcadetFireHumanlike egg group
0936ArmarougeFirePsychicHumanlike egg group
0937CeruledgeFireGhostHumanlike egg group
0952ScovillainGrassFireGrass egg group
0994Iron MothFirePoisonUndiscovered egg group
1004Chi-YuDarkFireUndiscovered egg group
1017Hearthflame Mask OgerponGrassFireUndiscovered egg group


Атака Тип Кат. Мощн. Точн. PP
Armor Cannon Fire SPECIAL 120 100 5
Bitter Blade Fire PHYSICAL 90 100 10
Blast Burn Fire SPECIAL 150 90 5
Blaze Kick Fire PHYSICAL 85 90 10
Blue Flare Fire SPECIAL 130 85 5
Burn Up Fire SPECIAL 130 100 5
Burning Jealousy Fire SPECIAL 70 100 5
Ember Fire SPECIAL 40 100 25
Eruption Fire SPECIAL 100 5
Fiery Dance Fire SPECIAL 80 100 10
Fire Blast Fire SPECIAL 110 85 5
Fire Fang Fire PHYSICAL 65 95 15
Fire Lash Fire PHYSICAL 80 100 15
Fire Pledge Fire SPECIAL 80 100 10
Fire Punch Fire PHYSICAL 75 100 15
Fire Spin Fire SPECIAL 35 85 15
Flame Burst Fire SPECIAL 70 100 15
Flame Charge Fire PHYSICAL 50 100 20
Flame Wheel Fire PHYSICAL 60 100 25
Flamethrower Fire SPECIAL 90 100 15
Flare Blitz Fire PHYSICAL 120 100 15
Fusion Flare Fire SPECIAL 100 100 5
Heat Crash Fire PHYSICAL 100 10
Heat Wave Fire SPECIAL 95 90 10
Incinerate Fire SPECIAL 60 100 15
Inferno Fire SPECIAL 100 50 5
Lava Plume Fire SPECIAL 80 100 15
Magma Storm Fire SPECIAL 100 75 5
Mind Blown Fire SPECIAL 150 100 5
Mystical Fire Fire SPECIAL 75 100 10
Overheat Fire SPECIAL 130 90 5
Pyro Ball Fire PHYSICAL 120 90 5
Raging Fury Fire PHYSICAL 120 100 10
Sacred Fire Fire PHYSICAL 100 95 5
Searing Shot Fire SPECIAL 100 100 5
Shell Trap Fire SPECIAL 150 100 5
Sunny Day Fire STATUS 5
Torch Song Fire SPECIAL 80 100 10
V-Create Fire PHYSICAL 180 95 5
Will-O-Wisp Fire STATUS 85 15
G-Max Centiferno Fire 10
G-Max Fireball Fire 10
G-Max Wildfire Fire 10
Max Flare Fire 10
Inferno Overdrive Fire -1 1