Thick Fat


Boosts resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

PokemonAbility1Ability2Hidden Ability
SeelThick FatHydrationIce Body
DewgongThick FatHydrationIce Body
SnorlaxImmunityThick FatGluttony
MarillThick FatHuge PowerSap Sipper
AzumarillThick FatHuge PowerSap Sipper
SwinubObliviousSnow CloakThick Fat
PiloswineObliviousSnow CloakThick Fat
MiltankThick FatScrappySap Sipper
MakuhitaThick FatGutsSheer Force
HariyamaThick FatGutsSheer Force
AzurillThick FatHuge PowerSap Sipper
SpoinkThick FatOwn TempoGluttony
GrumpigThick FatOwn TempoGluttony
SphealThick FatIce BodyOblivious
SealeoThick FatIce BodyOblivious
WalreinThick FatIce BodyOblivious
PuruglyThick FatOwn TempoDefiant
MunchlaxPickupThick FatGluttony
MamoswineObliviousSnow CloakThick Fat
TepigBlazeThick Fat
PigniteBlazeThick Fat
AppletunRipenGluttonyThick Fat
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