Sap Sipper


Boosts the Attack stat when hit by a Grass-type move.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

MarillThick FatHuge PowerSap Sipper
AzumarillThick FatHuge PowerSap Sipper
GirafarigInner FocusEarly BirdSap Sipper
StantlerIntimidateFriskSap Sipper
MiltankThick FatScrappySap Sipper
AzurillThick FatHuge PowerSap Sipper
BlitzleLightning RodMotor DriveSap Sipper
ZebstrikaLightning RodMotor DriveSap Sipper
DeerlingChlorophyllSap SipperSerene Grace
SawsbuckChlorophyllSap SipperSerene Grace
BouffalantRecklessSap SipperSoundproof
SkiddoSap SipperGrass Pelt
GogoatSap SipperGrass Pelt
GoomySap SipperHydrationGooey
SliggooSap SipperHydrationGooey
GoodraSap SipperHydrationGooey
DrampaBerserkSap SipperCloud Nine
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