Sheer Force


Removes additional effects to increase move damage.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

NidoqueenPoison PointRivalrySheer Force
NidokingPoison PointRivalrySheer Force
KrabbyHyper CutterShell ArmourSheer Force
KinglerHyper CutterShell ArmourSheer Force
TaurosIntimidateAnger PointSheer Force
TotodileTorrentSheer Force
CroconawTorrentSheer Force
FeraligatrTorrentSheer Force
SteelixRock HeadSturdySheer Force
MakuhitaThick FatGutsSheer Force
HariyamaThick FatGutsSheer Force
MawileHyper CutterIntimidateSheer Force
Mega CameruptSheer Force
TrapinchHyper CutterArena TrapSheer Force
BagonRock HeadSheer Force
CranidosMold BreakerSheer Force
RampardosMold BreakerSheer Force
TimburrGutsSheer ForceIron Fist
GurdurrGutsSheer ForceIron Fist
ConkeldurrGutsSheer ForceIron Fist
DarmanitanSheer ForceZen Mode
Zen Mode DarmanitanSheer ForceZen Mode
DruddigonRough SkinSheer ForceMold Breaker
RuffletKeen EyeSheer ForceHustle
BraviaryKeen EyeSheer ForceDefiant
Hisuian BraviaryKeen EyeSheer ForceDefiant
LandorusSand ForceSheer Force
ToucannonKeen EyeSkill LinkSheer Force
CufantSheer ForceHeavy Metal
CopperajahSheer ForceHeavy Metal
KleavorSwarmSheer ForceSteadfast
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