Water Veil


Prevents the Pokemon from getting a burn.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

PokemonAbility1Ability2Hidden Ability
GoldeenSwift SwimWater VeilLightning Rod
SeakingSwift SwimWater VeilLightning Rod
MantineSwift SwimWater AbsorbWater Veil
WailmerWater VeilObliviousPressure
WailordWater VeilObliviousPressure
HuntailSwift SwimWater Veil
BuizelSwift SwimWater Veil
FloatzelSwift SwimWater Veil
FinneonSwift SwimStorm DrainWater Veil
LumineonSwift SwimStorm DrainWater Veil
MantykeSwift SwimWater AbsorbWater Veil
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