Shed Skin


The Pokemon may heal its own status conditions.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

MetapodShed Skin
KakunaShed Skin
EkansIntimidateShed SkinUnnerve
ArbokIntimidateShed SkinUnnerve
DratiniShed SkinMarvel Scale
DragonairShed SkinMarvel Scale
PupitarShed Skin
SilcoonShed Skin
CascoonShed Skin
SeviperShed SkinInfiltrator
KricketotShed SkinRun Away
BurmyShed SkinOvercoat
Sandy BurmyShed SkinOvercoat
Trash BurmyShed SkinOvercoat
ScraggyShed SkinMoxieIntimidate
ScraftyShed SkinMoxieIntimidate
KarrablastSwarmShed SkinNo Guard
SpewpaShed SkinShed SkinFriend Guard
SilicobraSand SpitShed SkinSand Veil
SandacondaSand SpitShed SkinSand Veil
Results: 20