Lightning Rod


Draws in all Electric-type moves to boost its Sp. Atk stat.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

PikachuStaticLightning Rod
RaichuStaticLightning Rod
CuboneRock HeadLightning RodBattle Armour
MarowakRock HeadLightning RodBattle Armour
Alolan MarowakCursed BodyLightning RodRock Head
RhyhornLightning RodRock HeadReckless
RhydonLightning RodRock HeadReckless
GoldeenSwift SwimWater VeilLightning Rod
SeakingSwift SwimWater VeilLightning Rod
PichuStaticLightning Rod
Mega SceptileLightning Rod
ElectrikeStaticLightning RodMinus
ManectricStaticLightning RodMinus
PluslePlusLightning Rod
RhyperiorLightning RodSolid RockReckless
BlitzleLightning RodMotor DriveSap Sipper
ZebstrikaLightning RodMotor DriveSap Sipper
TogedemaruIron BarbsLightning RodSturdy
PincurchinLightning RodElectric Surge
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