Serene Grace


Boosts the likelihood of additional effects occurring.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

PokemonAbility1Ability2Hidden Ability
ChanseyNatural CureSerene GraceHealer
TogepiHustleSerene GraceSuper Luck
TogeticHustleSerene GraceSuper Luck
DunsparceSerene GraceRun AwayRattled
BlisseyNatural CureSerene GraceHealer
JirachiSerene Grace
HappinyNatural CureSerene GraceFriend Guard
TogekissHustleSerene GraceSuper Luck
DeerlingChlorophyllSap SipperSerene Grace
SawsbuckChlorophyllSap SipperSerene Grace
MeloettaSerene Grace
Results: 11