Cursed Body


May disable a move used on the Pokemon.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

GengarCursed Body
Alolan MarowakCursed BodyLightning RodRock Head
Galarian CorsolaWeak ArmorCursed Body
ShuppetInsomniaFriskCursed Body
BanetteInsomniaFriskCursed Body
FroslassSnow CloakCursed Body
FrillishWater AbsorbCursed BodyDamp
JellicentWater AbsorbCursed BodyDamp
SinisteaWeak ArmorCursed Body
PolteageistWeak ArmorCursed Body
DreepyClear BodyInfiltratorCursed Body
DrakloakClear BodyInfiltratorCursed Body
DragapultClear BodyInfiltratorCursed Body
Results: 13