Big Pecks


Protects the Pokemon from Defense-lowering attacks.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

PokemonAbility1Ability2Hidden Ability
PidgeyKeen EyeTangled FeetBig Pecks
PidgeottoKeen EyeTangled FeetBig Pecks
PidgeotKeen EyeTangled FeetBig Pecks
ChatotKeen EyeTangled FeetBig Pecks
PidoveBig PecksSuper LuckRivalry
TranquillBig PecksSuper LuckRivalry
UnfezantBig PecksSuper LuckRivalry
DucklettKeen EyeBig PecksHydration
SwannaKeen EyeBig PecksHydration
VullabyBig PecksOvercoatWeak Armor
MandibuzzBig PecksOvercoatWeak Armor
FletchlingBig PecksGale Wings
RookideeKeen EyeUnnerveBig Pecks
CorvisquireKeen EyeUnnerveBig Pecks
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