Natural Cure


All status conditions heal when the Pokemon switches out.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

ChanseyNatural CureSerene GraceHealer
StaryuIlluminateNatural CureAnalytic
StarmieIlluminateNatural CureAnalytic
CorsolaHustleNatural CureRegenerator
BlisseyNatural CureSerene GraceHealer
CelebiNatural Cure
RoseliaNatural CurePoison PointLeaf Guard
SwabluNatural CureCloud Nine
AltariaNatural CureCloud Nine
BudewNatural CurePoison PointLeaf Guard
RoseradeNatural CurePoison PointTechnician
HappinyNatural CureSerene GraceFriend Guard
ShayminNatural Cure
PhantumpNatural CureFriskHarvest
TrevenantNatural CureFriskHarvest
ComfeyFlower VeilTriageNatural Cure
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