Flash Fire


Powers up the Pokemon’s Fire-type moves if it is hit by one.

Pokemon’s with this Ability

VulpixFlash FireDrought
NinetalesFlash FireDrought
GrowlitheIntimidateFlash FireJustified
Hisuian GrowlitheIntimidateFlash FireJustified
ArcanineIntimidateFlash FireJustified
Hisuian ArcanineIntimidateFlash FireJustified
PonytaRun AwayFlash FireFlame Body
RapidashRun AwayFlash FireFlame Body
FlareonFlash FireGuts
CyndaquilBlazeFlash Fire
QuilavaBlazeFlash Fire
TyphlosionBlazeFlash Fire
HoundourEarly BirdFlash FireUnnerve
HoundoomEarly BirdFlash FireUnnerve
HeatranFlash FireFlame Body
LitwickFlash FireFlame BodyInfiltrator
LampentFlash FireFlame BodyInfiltrator
ChandelureFlash FireFlame BodyInfiltrator
HeatmorGluttonyFlash FireWhite Smoke
RolycolySteam EngineHeatproofFlash Fire
CarkolSteam EngineFlame BodyFlash Fire
CoalossalSteam EngineFlame BodyFlash Fire
SizzlipedeFlash FireWhite SmokeFlame Body
CentiskorchFlash FireWhite SmokeFlame Body
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