For breeding Pokemon, the Day Care block is used. It can be found in buildings or bought from shopkeepers. In each Day Care, you can breed up to three pairs of Pokemon. To get an egg from two Pokemon, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Pokemon must be of the opposite gender
  2. Pokemon from one egg group
  3. Pokemon not in the Undiscovered egg group
  4. Player has put all required items in Day Care

Ditto can be bred with any Egg group except Undiscovered, it will play the role of a male even if the second Pokemon is also a male. If the conditions are met, the player will receive an egg with a Pokemon of the female-pokemon basic evolution. Pokemon in the Undiscovered Egg Group cannot breed at all.

If the pair of Pokemon is suitable, then a checkmark will appear in the Day Care, and on top it will be shown who will hatch from the egg. If you click on the checkmark, a list of required items will appear. The list of items depends on the types of Pokemon, if the Pokemon are of different types, then more items will be required. The necessary items must be in inventory, click on the requirement to transfer them to the Day Care. Pass all the items one by one to start breeding, it will last one hour, after which you can pick up the egg. The finished egg needs to go out by wearing it in the players party.

Required Items by Pokemon Type

Type Items 1 Items 2 Items 3
Bug Dandelion 2 Cobweb 3 Spider Eye 3
Dark Block of Coal 2 Skeleton Skull 1 Obsidian 1
Dragon Block of Diamond 1 Gold Block 2 End Stone 3
Electric Block of Redstone 2 Glowstone 3 Redstone Lamp 2
Fairy Cake 1 Lily of Valley 3 Chorus Fruit 3
Fighting Oak Planks 3 Bricks 3 Temple Brick 2
Fire Flint and steel 5 Lava Bucket 2 Blaze Rod 2
Flying Feather 10 Glass 3 Target 3
Ghost Ghast Tear 10 Soul Torch 3 Soul Sand 3
Grass Grass 5 Oak Leaves 3 Grass Block 3
Ground Clay 3 Brown Terracotta 3 Soul Soil 3
Ice Ice 10 Blue Ice 3 Snow Block 3
Normal Leather 10 Hay Bale 3 White Wool 3
Poison Breewing Stand 1 Mycelium 3 Slime Block 3
Psychic Eye of Ender 5 Bookshelf 3 Clock 2
Rock Boulder 5 Granite 5 Stone 10
Steel Iron Block 3 Iron Bars 3 Silver Block 2
Water Scute 3 Water Bucket 2 Fresh Water 5